I've been making some summer salads that call for sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. Does anyone know if these seeds are nuts or in the nut family? I have been leaving them out.

Thanks, Dianes

On Jun 20, 2001

These are definitely seeds, not nuts. Most sunflower seeds are processed in plants that also process peanuts--they usually have a peanut warning on the container. You might want to check with the manufacturer.

As for sesame seeds, they should be OK unless someone in your family turns out to be allergic to them. My son is allergic to peanuts and sesame. Most peanut-allergic people can eat sesame, but you might want to be careful about it. My son's reactions to sesame have been pretty mild, but I've read that sesame allergy can be life threatening.

On Jul 15, 2001

Thanks SandraY for answering this seed question. I don't know what I would do without this kind of newtwork and support.

On Jul 17, 2001

I know on my faan allergy cards, that sunflower seeds are listed on my peanut card as being something to stay away from. I found out that sunflower oil was bothering my daughter when she ate doritos, fritos or cheetos. She was getting itchy lips, and with a little research found out why.