seed allergies(???)


Okay, this is going to be a really stupid question, but I didn't want to ask the allergist and have him look at me like I had *gone off the deep end*!!

Okay, I just found my 6yr old is allergic to seeds, we only tested 4 which ALL came back positive(sesame, sunflower, poppy and pine nut) his green bean also came back positive I started(of course) thinking of all the things that have seeds in them, like apples, peaches, some grapes etc...etc.....are these all *seeds* that go with this allergy too?? Like our allergist explained that my son could touch beans and be fine, as long as he didn't touch the seed inside the what about the seed inside the apple???

I think I've completly fallen off my rocker, but I worry over all these crazy things that don't make sense. Thanks [img][/img]

------------------ Chanda(mother of 4) Sidney-8 1/2(beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig, hamster & asthma) Jake-6 1/2(peanut, all tree nuts, all seeds(sesame, sunflower, poppy, pine nut) beef, chicken, eggs, coconut, green beans/all beans, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma) Carson-4 (peanut, tree nuts, milk, soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig, hamster, grass, mold, dust mite and EE) Savannah-1 1/2 (milk, beef and egg, dog(avoiding peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, seeds, legumes and corn)

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Sorry, can't be of much help- but I do know that some seeded fruits can be related to nut allergies..

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I don't know about the green beans. I would think positive to green beans = stay away from green beans. Of course, tests only have a 50% accuracy rate for positives so hopefully some of these are false positives. Maybe your allergist can work with you to figure that out? But if you saw reactions to all of them that's a different story.

Apple is not the same. My son is allergic to sesame but so far no other seeds that we know of. He is fine with apples and has touched the seeds.

Here is my info on sesame...

Sesame, IMO, is our most difficult allergy to avoid because it doesn't have to be labeled for and isn't covered by the new law, so there is little awareness out there that it is even an allergen. It is as potent as peanut. According to The Peanut Allergy Answer Book peanut takes something like 1000 times less or 3000 times less residue than other allergens to cause a life threatening reaction. We have all heard those stories of people dying/nearly dying from super trace amounts of peanuts including using utensils that had been wiped clean or eating cookies baked on cookie sheets that had previously had peanut cookies on them and then were rinsed with cold water but not washed with hot, soapy water. People have had ana/died from invisible amounts of dairy, etc so when you get to 1000 or 3000 times less amount required to cause ana that is some potent stuff!

My son has reacted to things made on shared eqip with sesame including repetitive vomiting (if I had realized at the time that the food contained trace sesame I would have given the epi for this type of reaction per allergist-instruction.) He has also had swelling from trace contact as well. Some of these were to foods he had eaten just fine and which I considered "safe" because he had had them for several years!

So, for me, the fact that he has eaten a given food for any period of time without reaction means nothing. If we get the start of a new run of a product that is made right after a company makes things with sesame he can and has reacted and the only way to know this info is to call every company.

I try to do this. I try to call every company before feeding my son anything. I'm not 100% but I do my best. I try not to assume because I have been very surprised by the # of things that might have sesame X-contam. There are a lot!

I think of that young college student who died from eating cookies out of a vending machine he had eaten just fine his whole life. They contained peanut X-contam. His death was one of the reasons we have the new labeling laws. For those who live with non-top 8 allergens it is like living before those labeling laws. I have had many companies tell me they don't consider sesame an allergen (or even that it *isn't* an allergen!) and that they don't clean for it and a bunch don't label for it. Hain-Celstial (owner of many natural food brands of foods) told me, "if you have a sesame allergy don't use our product. We don't treat it as an allergen, don't label for it and it might be in anything we make." While I'm sure this isn't really true and there are probably many, many things they make that are for sure sesame-free, I can't get the info I need from them to make an educated decision so I avoid all their stuff (a great loss to me as I'm very into natural foods.)

some other things..

1. nearly all commercial bread can have sesame X-contam as most are run on share equip with sesame and often baked on pans that have sesame seeds just sitting at the bottom of them. We use Berlin Natural Bakery or Enjoy Life or homemade bread for DS.

2. Salad dressing - I have not found any brand of salad dressiing that is made on sesame-free equip or that would tell me they clean for sesame. I am pretty sure one exists but I haven't found any. If you find one let me know!

3. Spaghetti sauces--some have sesame in them and Mel/Melkeroy here at POFAK found sesame in canned tomatoes one time! (They were "Italian Flavored"!)

4. San J soy sauce - DS ate this fine for years and then took *one drop* to his lips and had his eye swell shut and lips swell up big. I called, they said I must have gotten the first of a run made after something with sesame oil. They don't consider sesame an allergen or clean for it.

5. Tortilla chips--we just use Tostitos because most "healthy" brands make a sesame variety. Bearitos won't give any info (Hain Celestial) and DS had repetitive vomiting from a *fingernail-sized* Green Mountain Gringo tortilla chip. I called the next day--they make their chips on shared equip with sesame, didn't know sesame could be an allergen, didn't clean for it and were *sure* their products *did* contain trace sesame!!!!!!! They were very receptive and said they would start treating it like an allergen but I don't know if they did. Miquels corn chips are also made on shared equip with sesame and may contain sesame according to them.

6. most Asian sauces may contain sesame or be X contamed with sesame/

7. Many oils can have sesame X contam. DS reacted to sesame X contam in several brands of flax seed oil. We only use Barleens flax seed oil, Wild Oats canola oil and bionature olive oil. I think Mazola is supposed to be fine, too. It was fine but *maybe* they started making somethign with one of DS's allergens. I don't know.

8. Robert's gourmet - they have either dairy or airborne sesame x-contam in their products.

9. All hemp seed powders will have sesame in them as according to one manufacturer, "it is impossible to separate them in fields."

10. Crackers - many made on shared equip with sesame.

11. We us Nabisco products, not Keebler, because Keebler doesn't label for sesame X-contam and Nabsico/Kraft do.

12. We avoid Hain Celestial as I said above.

13. Pretzles - many brands make sesame-version. We only use Vita Spelt. They make other things with sesame but in different facility. I call every once in a while to be sure this hasn't changed. I think rold Gold by Frito Lay is supposed to also be OK for sesame allergy.

14. Rice crackers/rice cakes--I don't know of any mad ein a sesame-free facility.

15. Canned soups - I hear Campbells labels for sesame but I haven't called on this yet. Other brands all may contain or shared equip as far as I know.

16. Some ketchup is made on shared equip with sesame.

17. Trail mixes, nuts, and peanuts may all have sesame x-contam except Enjoy Life's Not Nuts! Trail mix.

18. White Wave also told me not to use any of their products if we have a sesame allergy and anything they make "may contain sesame" if made in a facility out of their premices (by another manufacturer making their product for them.) I am still using their Silk soy milk and soy yogurt because DS has been eating their stuff for years and I think it is very unlikely they are making thins with sesame on shared equip with these two products. Their other stuff such as seitan, etc, I am not going to give it to DS.

19. The Spicey House, Penzy's and other spice/herb companies are not safe for sesame allergy. They used shared coups, and shared mixing bowls and just wipe with a dry cloth, not clean with water/soap and don't treat sesame as an allergen.

20. Bulk bins and things packaged in bulk could have sesame X-contam.

21. Wylde Pretzles - recently started making a sesame-version and had a recall after a man in canada had ana to sesame X-contam in them.

22. Eden foods- their buckwheat noodles gave DS minor hives. Some of their products are OK for DS but anything produced in japany may contain X contam with his allergens and they said they couldn't get any more info. Call if interested in their stuff. They are very nice.

List from Anaphylaxis Canada of names on food labels that mean sesame...

Benne/benne seed/benniseed Gingelly/gingelly oil Seeds Sesamol/sesamolina Sesamum indicum Sim sim Tahina Tahini Til Vegetable oil

Also, in the USA many companies told me they label sesame as "spice" or "natural flavor" so if you see those on a lable it is good to call and check.

Here is ana canada's "possible sources of sesame seed" list...

Aqua Libra (herbal drink) Baked goods, e.g. breads, cokies, pastries, bagels, buns Bread crumbs, bread sticks, cereals, crackers, melba toast, muesli Dips, pates , spreads, e.g. hummus, chutney Dressings, gravies, marinades, slaads, sauces, soups Ethnic foods, e.g. flavored rice, noodles, shish kebabs, stews, stir fry Flavor(ing) Herbs, seasoning, spice Margarine Processed meats, sausages Risotto (rice dish) Sesame oil, sesame salt (gomasio) Snack foods, e.g. bagel/pita chips, candy, granola bars, halvah, pretzels, rice cakes, sesame snap bars Tahini tempeh Vegetarian burgers

Non-Food sources of sesame seeds Adhesie bandages (I really should call about this as DS has never had a problem and no one here with sesame allergy seems to have had one, either.) Cosmetics, hair care products, prefumes, soaps, sun screens Drugs Fungicides, insecticides Lubricants, ointments, topical oils Pet food Sesame meal (e.g. poultry and livestock feed)

and not on their list but most bird seed apparently may contain sesame x-contam.


Also, Living Without magazine had a story of a man with sesame allergy who had always just avoided the best he could and would ask for two bottom buns at McDs, etc. This always worked fine and then he had super bad ana with very bad breathing diffculty and almost passed out after eating a hamburger from McDs with two bottom buns.

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lakeswimr!!!! Thank you for all the info about sesame!!! My son has had one reaction(that i am aware of of course) at McDonalds...their french fries!! Just like the man in the magazine, he had difficulty breathing and chest pains, from french fries!!!(I am assuming possibly a sesame seed from a Big Mac dropped into the fries or something??). My son also has gotten an itchy mouth from green beans, that's why we tested them(and he won't touch any bean for that matter, so I don't push it....I think his body is telling him to avoid).

But I am emailing this to my hubby so he can print out for me! I appreciate you typing all that up, must have taken all morning!! I've had to really go through our pantry again, looking at spaghetti sauces(for pine nuts), breads(I usually only buy Sara Lee Iron Kids bread because it's milk and egg free...I'll call about the sesame), crackers....I am a nervous wreck anymore! You know, I think I get my kids allergies under control and then they turn up positive to more, and more....serving them any meal anymore scares me to death. My son eating in the lucnrhoom at school, scares me to death....this is so overwhleming at times. I appreciate your info though, thank you so very much!!!!

------------------ Chanda(mother of 4) Sidney-8 1/2(beef and chocolate, grasses, molds, weeds, guinea pig, hamster & asthma) Jake-6 1/2(peanut, all tree nuts, all seeds(sesame, sunflower, poppy, pine nut) beef, chicken, eggs, coconut, green beans/all beans, trees, grasses, weeds, molds, cats, dogs, guinea pig & eczema & asthma) Carson-4 (peanut, tree nuts, milk, soy, egg, beef and pork, cats, dog, guinea pig, hamster, grass, mold, dust mite and EE) Savannah-1 1/2 (milk, beef and egg, dog(avoiding peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, seeds, legumes and corn)