Seattle area - pediatric allergists

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Does anybody have a recommendation for the Seattle area? Actually, anywhere in Washington (or surrounding area) is fine - we will definitely travel.

I did take my 16 month old son to an allergist in our area. However, I am not comfortable with the level of testing he received, etc.

Any tips would be greatly appreciate. We want the best doctors out there!

On Mar 4, 2006

Have you ever read the book "Parent's Guide to Food Allergies" by Marianne S. Barber?

One of the doctors that co-wrote that book... Maryanne Scott... is with the Madrona medical group up in Bellingham. Her specialty is pediatric food allergies.

Contact the Madrona group at (360) 738-2200 and ask for Dr. Scott's office.

On Mar 6, 2006

Thank you!! No, I haven't read the book yet, but many have recommended it.

She is less than 1 hour from my house. I actually live closer to her than I do to Seattle (especially with traffic!).