seasonal allergies

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good evening...just wondering if any other PA'ers are suffering from seasonal allergies as well. DD eyes look like she is wearing makeup today :(

On May 8, 2008


My 7 y/o daughter was actually sent to the allergist last year for such bad seasonal allergies, and that was when we found out about the peanut allergy. My 3 y/o son is starting with the dark circles and sneezing these last few weeks. Claritin is our friend. Good Luck! Amy

On May 8, 2008


This is my son's first time having seasonal allergies since being diagnosed w/ PA at 18 mos. He is now 6 1/2. It stinks!


On May 8, 2008

My MFA,DD is not having too bad a problem this year (for some odd reason-) but DS, NKFA's, is having a horrible time. Actually ended up bringing him to the dr. today because I wondered what was wrong with him- Uh, duh...... not like he hasn't taken allergy meds almost his whole short life! Stopped them in January and started meds for his reflux so, bad mommy kind of forgot about his allergy problem. Well, hopefully after some Nasonex and Zyrtec for a few days he'll be a happy little guy again!!!!! (the dr. was sure to remind me that if we take him off the meds during the winter, be sure he starts them early spring to avoid the suffering- wow, I felt horrible!)

On May 8, 2008

my husband is even suffering...i know the pollen count in my area (Massachusetts) has been severe, but I just cant get over how she looks. The docs called it "allergic conjuctivitus"