Schwans ice-cream


After eating schwans ice-cream my 2yr. old PA daughter suffered severe stomach cramps. We searched the container and found no references to peanuts. I contacted the company and was told that all their ice-cream could be cross-contaminated and that they do not suggest their products to anyone with severe peanut allergies. The driver who knew about my child never informed me of this and they do not put it on their labels!

On Mar 6, 2001

We live in Canada and Schwans is now Goodlife foods. Goodlife labels does say May contain traces of peanuts or other nuts. And the labels said that too when they were Schwans. Our sales guy said that they do make ice with nuts and that it could be cross contained. But I tried the vanilla now for 3 years and my son has been fine. But maybe his allergy is not as sever. For sure their Vanilla Sundae cone and Carmel nut bar have peanuts!! And some of their ice cream have pecans, almonds and walnuts.