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FAAN used to this fantastic resource called the School Food Allergy Program which outline FAANs recommendations on managing food allergies in a school environment. Additionally, it was explicitly clear about Section 504 of the ADA. The book was difficult to read as it had, sadly, reported fatalities (stories of them) and photos of reactions. We bought one and with the black and white information, the school really had no recourse as the information was from a very reliable source.

I went looking to see it was still available, but instead found a link to this:

Massachusetts Department of Education's Guidelines include: "Ingestion of the food allergen is the principal route of exposure; however, it is pos­sible for a student to react to tactile (touch) exposure or inhalation exposure."

Texas Department of Education's Guidelines include, "Children spend up to 50 percent of their waking hours in school,and foods containing allergens are commonly found in schools. Thus, the likelihood of allergic reactions occuring in schools is high (Sheetz, 2004). Studies show that 16-18 percent of children with food allergies have had allergic reactions to accidental ingestion
of food allergens while in school."

I would find it difficult to believe that any school, having been brought this to their attention, would have a difficult time defending deviating from it.

There have been so many posts with the start of school that I thought this might help some having difficulties with their school.

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These are great resources. Anything from FARE has been researched and tested. CDC is also a very recognizable name and may carrry additional weight when you present your case.
CDC Guide for Schools - [from FARE!]
They focus on all allergies, not just peanut.

Peanut Free Store

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