How to keep my son safe at school

Posted on: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 11:38am
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My son is 7 years old and has been severly allergic to peanuts since he was 2. He goes to a school that is peanut safe. Recently at school he had a reaction where they had to administer the epi pen. Since that reaction we have been back to doctor and was told that it was possible his allergies were airborne. I have been working the school to make it more safe for him. We have made a peanut free table where only kids with allergies sit or they are allowed to pick friend with no peanut products. I have plans on asking principal to have his classroom only bring treats in for parties that are store bought so we can read labels and know everything that is in them. I wanted to know what other ideas you have to help make him safer. I wish that the school could be PEANUT FREE but they say there is no way they could guartantee that. So I need to just make it safe as possible! any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

Posted on: Thu, 04/04/2013 - 7:47am
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I think that it is a really good idea to have a table where kids with allergies can sit. As far as making it safer for your child, I would suggest emailing the teacher he has at the start of the school year and making them aware of your child's allergy and also maybe ask that the teacher to send a newsletter to parents to make them aware of your child's allergy so that for parties they don't bring things containing peanuts. My friend's child has a severe allergy to peanut oil, so I know first hand a lot of the problems you are facing to make it safe for your child! Best of luck!

Posted on: Mon, 04/22/2013 - 11:55am
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Scary!!! I would definitely ask for meetings with staff before school starts, and then again during school as the year progresses. You have the right to fill out a 504 ADA form...that legalizes things. I have a snack box at school for both of my kids and they are only allowed to eat from that; they can't have anything I haven't provided myself.
This is probably a crazy idea, but if the allergy is airborne, they do have peanut detector dogs--like drug dogs. They are really, really expensive, but sometimes insurance will help pay and, I guess, people sometimes have fundraisers in their community to help raise money. A girl in florida was house-ridden until she got a dog. They sniff the classroom and her seat--everything before she enters. The dog stays there all day--it's considered a medical dog. The people that raise/train them are in Texas (or were a few years ago). I would do it but I'm deathly allergic to dogs.
I always say don't be afraid to make yourself known. Be a "pest." You're really an advocate for your child. I also submitted a picture with his allergy and info to all the teachers/staff his first year so they knew him and could keep an eye out for him. His epi-pen goes with him everywhere--if your doctor could write the script that way, then maybe your school would do that too? Unless they already do that. What about sitting all the peanut kids at a table....on the opposite side of the non-peanut table? Why separate the allergy kids all the time??? That way the peanut stuff is contained in one area too...some schools do this, but most don't.
Also, maybe create a committee with other allergy parents so you have a voice at your school? Power in numbers, right? Good luck!!!

Posted on: Fri, 04/26/2013 - 4:44am
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I would like share our experience. My daughter is contact, inhale and ingest allergic to Peanuts. My son is allergic to peanuts as well. For my daughter i cleaned her lunch table and volunteered all through elementary school. I went to all field trips and camps. I also approved or purchased all treats. She is now 15. Since then my son (8 and in 3rd grade) also in same school district. Now classes are FOOD free if nut allergy. Also can request NUTFREE table or staff (adult)will clean table and keep child on Hot lunch side (no nuts served at this school. Or child can eat in office. 504 with IHP. All staff trained. Daughter carried Epipen. Son has 2 in nurses station and 2 in class. No food on Buses. I hope this will help.


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