Schools are collecting peanut butter


A local radio station in Knox County, Tennesse, is collecting jars of peanut butter through the local schools. They are encouraging everyone to bring the peanut butter to the schools for collection.

I would encourage anyone who feels that this is wrong to send an e-mail to them at: [email][/email].

Here is a copy of what I wrote to them:

"Dear B-97.5:

I am writing to express my disappointment at your latest campaign to collect peanut butter for the hungry through the Knox County schools.

I would like you to know that there are millions of children with life-threatening peanut allergies that can be triggered just by the touch or even smell of peanut butter. The parents of these millions are working very hard to keep peanut butter OUT of the schools...just the opposite of what you are trying to do.

Though I commend your charitable efforts in providing food for the hungry, I thought you should know the implications of your peanut butter project, and hope you will reconsider your efforts.

Thanks for listening."

On Jan 23, 2002

Just an update. The radio station replied to my letter. Though I don't agree with the idea that closed jars are safe, I think I have brought some awareness to the issue and they will think carefully before they have another campaign like this one. I feel good about my first foray into activism!

Here is their reply:

"Sorry to take so long to reply, but I wanted to get some expert advice on this subject before I responded."

"First of all, I can appreciate the plight of a parent with children who suffer from this allergy. I imagine it's pretty tough to avoid all the items that contain peanuts or peanut byproducts."

"According to the Knox Co. Health Department, as long as the Peanut Butter remains sealed in its original packaging (which is the only way Second Harvest will accept it), it is safe for children who suffer from this allergy. Even if these children were to bring in a jar, the health experts say that they would be safe from any reaction."

"If you would prefer your children not to handle the PB jars (and we certainly understand that), but would still like them to take part, we will gladly accept any canned food item. You may not realize this, but Peanut Butter is the NUMBER ONE requested food item at Second Harvest. Second Harvest also tells us that it's a fairly complete food that provides for an awful lot of a person's nutritional needs."

"Thanks for bringing our attention to this problem. It's certainly something that we'll keep in mind as we plan any future food drives."

"Thanks for listening!"


On Jan 23, 2002

Congratulations on your first activist role! I don't buy it for a second. I am sure there is not one parent at this site who would allow their child to hold a jar of peanut butter and I can't imagine any allergists suggesting it either. At least you have educated them about PA!

On Jan 23, 2002

This one infuriated me! I think what I find most bothersome about it is that there has always been the *issue* of low income = peanut butter ("we can't feed our children anything else because we're poor", which I definitely don't buy into and for a very good reason). Also, what about PA individuals and children who need to use food banks or whereever the school was sending the pb? There are PA children born into low income families.

I recognize that yes, pb is a good source of protein (it is not "cheap" anymore) and certainly something that one might contribute to a food bank. But still. What about the PA person who might need to use the food bank?

As with everything, and who knows it better than we all do, living with it every day, there are SO many other things that can be done that don't involve bloody peanut butter.

Sorry, I shouldn't be on the board right now, it's been a long day (not PA related really) but when I start to rant and rave, it's time to close for the night, definitely.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 23, 2002

Tucker's Mom, and definitely, congrats on becoming an activist! It's a good feeling, isn't it? Keep going! [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


By lucifer on Sep 23, 2010

and it is said that with my wrath peanut butter will fall from the skies and fill your glorious land. From every mountain peak to the depths of every great valley, the peanut butter cometh. you will not be able to run, nor will you hide when the gates of hell openly consume your world with peanut butter. run and hide your progeny, repent to your lord but when the phallus like nut strikes you behind, you will not survive. HAHAHAHA

By HookwormIsHope on Oct 22, 2010

Tucker's Mom, CONGRATS!!! I'm going to get started on things like this myself! Thank you for inspiring me to be an activist!