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Posted on: Mon, 04/24/2006 - 1:25am
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Jen, I am so sorry that things haven't changed much since my dd went to elementary school in 1999-2005. I found that the only thing that motivates people to do anything is to write letters, and SEND COPIES to everyone.
You may want to write a follow-up letter reiterating the issues that were discussed, agreements made, your expectations, etc, and ending it with looking forward to the 504 meeting.
Remember to remain calm & stick to facts. Always mark the date of your calendar with relevant information: if a reaction occurred, a safety concern such as this, whom you spoke with, what was said, agreements made if any, etc. Be sure that all letters addressed to the principal are copied to the teacher or others involved and most importantly to the superintendant, and assistant superintendent.
It takes alot of courage and fortitude to be a parent of a child with food allergies. Regardless of whom, people obviously still do not think in terms of a food allergy being a disability. You are your child's main advocate so don't concern yourself with how they are going to feel if you send them a letter, business is business and it can be conducted in a civil manner.
If you're uncertain of how to compose a concise business letter, do seek out an advocate for this purpose. I call EACH & EVERY agency (including Easter Seals) listed under disabilities in the white pages of the phone book for whatever need my dd has.
The biggest mistakes I have ever made were going to meetings by myself, trusting that the other party was truly concerned with the issue, and not following up with timely letters. The bottom line is that everyone is trying to cover their a** legally, and so should you.
I've read posts for years that contained information on every which way to get yourself screwed. The sad part is that the writer didn't recognize that their behavior and the information they supplied was used against them in many forms in what was suppose to be just a simple meeting or a nice information exchange conversation, etc. By the time they knew they're head was spinning & they were asking "what happened" or "how did it happen".
I may get reamed for encouraging you to do this, but that's okay because it has worked for us and most assuredly, its your choice.
This saying seems appropriate:
Good luck with whatever you choose!

Posted on: Mon, 04/24/2006 - 7:13am
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So sorry to hear about all this!
It helps me to read this cause maybe I can learn something with DS starting school in Aug. Hang in there and voice your concerns!!


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