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first time to post, so glad i found this place to read about pa. my son whom is 6 has pa tna, when i first enrolled him in kdg. i felt reassured that things were going to go well, i didn;t know and stilll don't know about 504, anyway the nurse told us she would take care of everything, well over the year, there have been a couple of things that have upset me, but yesterday when i picked my son up, he had a bowl with yarn on it , when i first seen it i thought i was looking at nuts in the bowl, but he said it was a bird feeder with bird seed, my heart dropped, i don't know about bird seed, but it has always been in my mind that bird seeds and peanuts go together or cross comtamination, i didn't talk to the teacher at that moment,i didn't want to upset son but when i got home and realized that yes bird seed is contaminted with peanuts, i was freaking out inside, i can't seem to get through to her that just because he isn't eating pb directly that he is in danger, i was afraid to send him to school today and it gets worse every time.i feel like i worry to much, if she would of let me know that they were making bird feeders it would of been better, but she doesn't do that, its the unkown that scares me, and i dont know how to deal with it, can anyone help me. this is the other thing, last week , i was calling the principal to see what we need to get my son ready for 1st grade next yr cause he will have to eat in the cafeteria, and the principal was unaware of my sons pa , it was so upsetting, he called a conference with us, the nurse, the couselor and his teacher, we haven't had it yet, i was so upset that he wasn't aware of my sons pa, at the beginning the nurse said she would take care of everything, so we let her, knowing that he will only be there 2hrs and not have snacks everyday our concerns were few. it is so hard to send him to school and i worry constantly..

On Apr 11, 2007

Hi, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I also worry alot, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach I look at the clock and sure enough it is snack or lunch time at school. My son is only in montessori at this point so I won't be as much help as some of the others with suggestions on a 504 etc. Some things that we do: we have taught our son not to eat anything at school that we did not send with him. We tried controlling the snacks so they would be safe for him but it just didn't work. We also try and teach him about all the possible things that might have nuts in them and I am contantly - probably over doing it - showing him what nuts look like in the store. We also had an incident where his teacher who was supposedly very aware and he had been in her class for over a year and we had spoken to her many times about his allergy even with all of that - had a project that had a nut in it - she had forgotten about it until the day my ds choose that project. Luckily he recognized what it was and told his teacher who had him was his hands immediately. I am about to cry as I write this because a part of me feels so sad that he has to be so responsible for his own wellfare at this age 4 going to be 5 soon but we feel it is the only way to keep him safe. Birdfeeders - I have a childrens book about food allergy where a project making birdfeeders is actually what caused a child to have a reaction. We have also sent the childrens books we have on food allergy to his school for share days. I think this has helped his teachers awareness some as well. Take care and let us know how the meeting goes. Nichele DS 5 PA, TNA DD 9 months ?????

On Apr 19, 2007

So sorry that your days are filled with worry. My son goes toa PF school I am very lucky that I have that choice. His pre school was PF as well however he did have a cross contamination reaction there.. I have found that leaving up to someone else although there intentions are good they jut have too many other things to worry about. My sons teacher is very good about making sure that he is safe. One of the things that I do is at the begining of the year I sent in two"safe" cup cakes that the nurse keeps in the freezer. even though it is peanut free school kids still have birthday parties and they bring cup cakes ect that are from hoem that may not be safe for him. Everytime there is a party michael goes down tho the nurse and gets a safe cup cake. I put his name on the container and when it comes home I send another on back in with him the next day. so far so good. I spoke with the principle and the nurse and they have been very good so far. definately find out about the 504. Therese