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Can someone point me to a website or book or whatever that can educate me on things I need to know before my son starts elem. school? Like I see people talking about "504" and I have no idea what that is.

I'd like to know what the schools in my state (IL) are required to do for me, and what I need to do, also.


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On Oct 7, 2004

Hi Darkmage,

I live in Canada so I have no personal info for you about 504's, but I found this link for you... you should be able to get alot of info you need here.


Take care,

On Oct 7, 2004

A 504 is a plan to accomodate learning and health issues. If you do a search, you should come up with reams and reams of reading material. 504's cover any school in the U.S. that receives even $.01 in federal funds, so even if you are at a private school you might be covered if they accept a federal milk subsidy, for example.

There are some really good ones posted here, so read on!


On Oct 8, 2004

Thank you!

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On Oct 11, 2004

We are preparing for kindergarten next year and have gotten some great 504 plans from this site to use as a base. This summer we even contacted the principal of the elementary school my son will be attending and he was very helpful. He was also very pleased that we contacted him so early and answered many questions we had about the schools policies!


On Oct 11, 2004

Thank you Annie. It is still a couple of years away for me, but this board got me thinking on it.

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