School Stores

Posted on: Sat, 01/03/2004 - 1:14pm
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Okay, so I have been some what aware that the school has a "store". I became very aware when i had money go missing!!!
The issue being? Why does the school have a store? This is not just any store either ! It is Pleasure Island for school age children!! It has some healthy snacks you can buy if your mother didn't pack you any!
(sarcasim) but it is FULL of chocolate bars and cookies and freezies and gum and pop and chips ect...
Then the teachers (at my school) wonder why a higher incidence rate occurs after the lunch period? hmmmmmmm I dunno ( sway head shoulder to shoulder!)
Then ther is the whole pa thing I went in there to say something about the missing $$
not that they could do anthing with my child but, more to see if I am the only parent who has had this happen.I am not.
I called son's partener in crimes mom to tell her and she also informed that she knew b/c her son came home with a crispy crunch in his bag!!!
What? So I demand principle take all nut products out of there and she says there isn't any, i say oh, yes there is!! I took her down there and showed her.I don't know why there needs to be such a thing as a school store and would've said nothing but the pa came in and I am furious that I now have that to monitor! Monitor I must since this stuff is in my kids classroom!
Anyone else have store?

Posted on: Sat, 01/03/2004 - 1:29pm
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Our school has a school store as well. It is run by the fifth graders to fund their special events for the year. It is also a project to teach them money skills, etc.
They , however, only carry school supplies, and at Christmas had special little ornaments, etc. No food products at all.
So a school store full of junk food, and they wonder why there are so many obese kids today!

Posted on: Sat, 01/03/2004 - 1:44pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

domesticgoddess, great to see you posting! [img][/img]
My children's school has a store as well. First time I've ever heard of such a thing.
But do you know what's really awful about it?
I don't know where it is in the school and I don't know what they sell (I know they sell milk instead of having a milk program which is what I have always seen). I have no idea. I buried my head in the sand. I'm still in the sand almost up to my eyes. Seriously.
Yes, we have a store in our school as well.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sat, 01/03/2004 - 2:09pm
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Yes, but! I understand the whole funding thing and am not all that sympithetic

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 3:09am
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In our last school , we had a school store.
We set it up one day every other week. We only old items related to school. Tablets, pencils, erasers, markers, crayons etc.
We never had food though. Why would your school store be selling food? Who's idea is it for them to sell food there? Don't they sell those items in the cafeteria? Have you asked who is in charge of buying why it is necessary to buy "junk" food to sell.
With how obese America seems to be getting, I would ask if it was necessary for this type of food to be sold. How many parents are aware of this food being sold?
I hate the fact that they sell all this junk in the cafeteria at our school. I don't think that it is necessary for children to consume so much.
How ofen is the school store open? Wow makes me want to get involved to help change the policies.
Renee [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2004 - 3:36am
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There is no cafeteria.It is an elementary school. they sell this crap everyday all day long.yes all the parents know about it,they would have to for their kids to get the money.
The grade 8 students are in charge of the whole affair but, I am told the teacher makes the purchases?Unfortunetly our kids do not have the teachers we did when we were that age.
Our teachers do nothing if they are not paid to do it.To go along with the selling of this is the fact that we are now in a society that "pay" their children off.It is far easier to just give into all the things our children want than to say no to them.
It is sad that but true.
There really are no policies for such a thing.It is fundraising and we are in the age of Cutting Back!! Which is more like cut throat!I have no idea who decided selling food would be a good idea but imagine it was the students and teacher combined. Hey, it's easy and a seller!!

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