School refuses my son 504 - Peanut Allergy Information

School refuses my son 504

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My son's school refused to give him a 504 designation for his severe peanut allergy. We are in the process of responding and would like feedback on the letter we are sending to the school.Sorry it is so long

We would like to start by saying we are astounded and, as with most parents of (severely peanut allergic children) by the level of ignorance and mis-information (intentional / or unintentional) on the part of the xxxxx Public School District and xxxx Elementary Staff. Furthermore it has become apparent to us that after the meetings held on May 10th and May 17th the xxxxx Public School District and xxxx Elementary have no intentions of complying with son's rights under the ADA section 504.

It is sad that with all the resources available to the xxx District that the parents must educate the

On May 19, 2007

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By Hrg2 on Apr 2, 2011

I am betting that you did not provide proper documents. You are most likely one of the parents who make up there kids allergies. I think that the school just saw thru your bs.