School Meeting Question


I have a meeting with the board of Ed on Nov the 9th. I am in need of some information for the state of NJ. I have read their policy and it is very broad. It seemd to me that the responsiblity is on your child. I need to know how to get a 504 plan and also any other information that you may be able to give me. I am not sure where to begin with the 504 plan please help.....

On Oct 26, 2007

hi, I live in NJ. What are you going to discuss at the meeting? the new law fixes some old problems with medications being locked up and with benadryl order interfering with ability to have designee. I have a 504.

On Oct 26, 2007

To get a 504, request in writing to your district 504 coordinator (ours was principal) that you want an eligibility meeting. At the meeting, you need a detailed note from your doctor describing your child's condition etc. Next meeting is accommodations (pn free room, handwashing etc). this site is helpful [url=""][/url] there are 504 laws cited and also a 504 outline. At the bottom of this document, the new law is sited with the changes underlined so you can see the new parts. [url=""][/url]