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I need to gather a list together of safe snacks for my PA DH to bring to his school. I know I have seen a list somewhere but I can't find it, please help. Thanks! I have also posted this under Schools

On Apr 28, 2005

Ok, guys, I really need your help. Thanks!

On Apr 28, 2005

I saw a list under "schools". But I do not know how to link. Sorry, but lists make me nervous. I feel like I need to personally check each item. (And check again before buying, and check again before giving). Good luck.

On Apr 28, 2005

Here's a copy of a sample school letter we put together a few years ago. We did follow up with a label reading guide as well (modeled on the FAAN materials), as an aide to those who aren't as familiar with the daily label reading that we do.... ---------------------------------

Sample Letter to School Community

Dear Families,

We would like to make you aware of a health issue that your children will be learning about this year. Children attending our school have life-threatening food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and products containing these items and their oils. Not only are these children at risk should they mistakenly ingest one of these items, but the mere contact with the oily residue from a peanut or tree nut could cause a fatal reaction within minutes. To comply with Federal Laws, we will now reduce the risk of accidental exposure to provide a safe educational environment for all of our children.

Avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction for these children. For this reason, we must all be cautious of the foods that are brought onto campus. Each time you and your children choose a snack or lunch without these products, you play an important part in decreasing risks to our allergic children, and foster a sense of caring in our community.

To minimize the risk to these children, we have implemented the following food policy:

1.Food Services will no serve products that contain peanuts or tree nuts.

2.The classes will hold monthly group birthday celebrations. At this time, parents are welcome to provide non-food treats for the class. More information will follow from your child

On Apr 28, 2005

Don't you think it's better to have some kind of list than no list at all?

This will be my first child going to school. What do you do for those of you with children already in the school system? Didn't you provide them with some kind of safe list? You can't expect other parents to always read food labels and if they have a list with them while they are shopping, at least they will have something to go by. I don't know what else to do other than to stand by my child at class and make sure no one is eating anything with peanuts in it.

What did you do when you had a meeting with the school? I really just need some advise since I am new to the school thing.

On Apr 28, 2005

I did not provide any list. No food is allowed to be eaten in dd`s room, and everyone washes their hands after eating.

On Apr 28, 2005

We did not provide a list to ds's preschool. We supplied all his snacks so no list was needed.

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On Apr 28, 2005

seanmn, I raised the safe list for you yesterday in the schools forum. I personally did give the school a list. I was hesitant to give you my list, because what fits in my comfort zone, may not fit in yours.

My suggestion would be for you to make a list of what you personally have found to be safe.

I have found stuff on my own list that I am no longer comfortable with, even though the labeling has not changed.