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Just venting. Last week, my son is sitting in the peanut free section of his lunch room. Kids are not supposed to save seats or move once they sit. The ladies in the cafe have said my son can save a seat since he rarely gets to sit with his friends. He is in 4th grade, and now kids are saying it isn't fair that he gets to dot this. They all get 10 tables to choose from, he gets 3. Usually he gets to lunch late, and really only gets to choose from a few seats. Many days he sits with kids he isn't fond of. The peanut free area is a popular area, it fills up quick. I also work at the school, in the cafe and recess. So now, I have told both my PA/TNA kids, no more saving seats. It just stinks. They get the *&%$ end of the stick again. He is at that age where kids are starting to take it out on him for some strange reason. Also, every year, things have gone so well with BD snacks, not this year. Every snack bought in has been peanut obvious. His teacher is just awesome, but he can only do so much! Thanks, for listening!

On Jan 28, 2007

UGH! That is so frustrating. Reminds me of a situation in camp at snack. The counselor told me to stop giving my son such yummy snacks because the other kids are getting jealous. I couldn't believe it. At lunch the kids get a choice of many delicious freshly baked treats, none of which my son can havc and they made a fuss because my son had better snacks than they did! Really incredible. The school should be supporting him by encouraging the other kids to show some empathy and consideration.

On Jan 28, 2007


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On Jan 29, 2007

At our school, each child that sits at the allergy table is allowed to invite one or two classmates to sit with them. This makes it easier for the lunches from non allergic kids who are sitting with them to be checked and the allergic kids get to sit by one of their friends.

On Jan 29, 2007

Thanks everyone! Our school is almost peanut free. The school lunch program has been awesome, and there are no peanut products or may contains in the hot lunch. My son has always bought cold lunch, he's in 4th gr now. Last year he was begging to try hot. He now has hot lunch a few times a week. Both of my kids' classroom teachers send out notes reminding snacks for bdays to be peanut free. Every year up to 4th grade was great. Parents have been thoughtful. Some parents are still. But there are always those few, you know. My daughter is in 1st, and they do books for birthdays! But last year, her Kgtn class was pretty good as well.. The older the kids get, the worse attention parents of students pay to the allergy. I have told my son it is part of this allergy, he'll have to deal with in life. It isn't fair, but it is life. Luckily, he is my easy going one! My daughter on the other hand, gets very upset when she can't have the same snack as others. My son has never really cared. I do offer alternatives, better ones, to make it better for them both. Anyway, thanks everyone!

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On Jan 29, 2007

In our school, each class gets 2 tables. They can sit where they want within those two tables, unless they have misbehaved to the point of having assigned seats. There is a peanut-free table, where my DS sits, as well as other PA/TNA kids. They can each invite a friend or two to sit with them (obviously that friend cannot be eating a PBJ). DS sometimes invites friends to sit with him, but not always. I think he is a little shy about that. I was worried about it, but not as much anymore--his teacher has told me he's the most popular kid in the class.

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