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Posted on: Mon, 08/18/2003 - 12:47pm
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The following input may not be useful but just wanted to comment on my recent experience with the public school. The district disability coordinator insisted that my dc go to a school that is predominately handicapped because it has a full-time nurse. She was also insistent that she not be put under Section 504 (because the district has to pay for everything..Wanted her in the IDEA program because the fed. gov. picks up the tab). She said she would be classified handicapped on paper but would receive the same education as non-handicapped students. The school test scores were terrible at all grade levels and it was considerable distance from our home. The school board did approve a rezone transfer to another school just 2 miles from my home (had great test scores) but only a part-time nurse. I thought everything was finally going to work out. The principal seemed willing to work with us but I could tell when I started mentioned what would have to be done at the school to keep my dc safe (like monitoring her in the cafeteria, teachers trained to use Epi-pen) that she seemed more reluctant. I found out a couple days later that the school receives funds for a cafeteria monitor but spends it on something else. The students are in charge of cleaning where they ate (Kind. - 6th grade). Also, there is a child who has brain seizures at the school and the teachers are not allowed to give the child a pill (a non invasive treatment) which stops the seizure. If the nurse isn't around, the parent is called and they drive to the school and give the med....while the student suffers. I was so appalled that the district would be more concerned about lawsuits than meeting the needs of this child that I walked away. I had been told numerous times by teachers at other schools that they are told not to get involved. I think the school might have attempted some of the easier preventative measures we were going to ask for..but my dh and I were concerned if she did go into shock (and the part-time nurse wasn't around) they would call 911 and just stand by and watch her die. We are beginning our 6th year of h.s.ing tomorrow.

Posted on: Wed, 08/20/2003 - 4:15am
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Oh mt gosh! If I had received the same at our school, I would have never left my child there either!
I am so tired of people being treated the way you have, and the way children all over are being treated (like the one you described having seizures). My 2 neices have seizure disorders.
I feel we were very blessed to find the schools we have. The Principal just called me again this morning to ask for 3 more copies of our 504 plan to go over with the nurses working at three elementary schools that are close by.
My Plan is to turn our school district into a "model" for other school districts in our state.
I was extremely glad when I walked into our 3'rd 504 meeting, and found that our Principal had asked the district office to let her handle this on her own, and they agreed.
I can tell you I truly believe you have done the right thing in your situation. We really need federal legislation for these issues! It is appauling the way these school staff members in some areas can be so uncaring! I don't understand how these individuals decided to become educators.
Anyway enough of my soapbox!
Thank you for sharing your information, and your experiences. We all need each other more than we sometimes realize.
Much Love!
Peoria Peanut Pioneer

Posted on: Wed, 08/20/2003 - 8:02am
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Great news! Congratulations, Lori!

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2004 - 11:26pm
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bump,still looking!~
Love this site

Posted on: Sun, 07/11/2004 - 4:04am
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Remember the LRE(Least Restrictive Environment law) this states that disabled/health issue students shall be place with their non disabled peers to the fullest extent possible).Just for this board I am considering Peanut Allergy a Health issue this does not impair the student to cognitivly participate in a regular education room. So that is the whole reason there is a 504 for those that don't need an IEP. Good luck.


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