School advice


DD will start kindergarten in Sept. I really feel like I fumbled my way through preschool safety- she just started this year. I don't feel like I have been a vigilant as I should have been. She is only in preschool for 4 hours a week. Her current school is part of the same district that she will go to kindergarten in. The current school's peanut policy is only enforced in the classroom and if they have an allergic kid. They relied heavily on my say as to what needed to be done. Well at least in theory they did. And didn't seem to have any forms that needed to be filled out other then the regular school papers. I don't know if this is district wide or just that school. So that is obviously something I need to find out. Her current teacher tries, but is a bit clueless. But the classroom asst. has experience with serious allergies and has actually gotten other parents interested in learning. She has come to with another parent several times who are interested in seeing the pics of her reaction from her last allergy test. I hope that we stay lucky like this. I know we're just starting out, but so far there hasn't been any issues or negative attitudes.

DD will be in full day kindergarten. When Should I make contact with the school? And with who? Our doc's office has a public relations (I guess that is what I should call her) nurse who will go to schools and other community gathering type places to teach allergy safety. I plan on taking advantage of this service. But when do I start and what steps do I need to take? I plan to start calling private schools in the next few weeks to see if any have a no peanut policy just in case I don't feel safe enough with her public school.