School Accommodations (what does YOUR school do?)


Okay, so I have a loaded question here....What types of accommodations are made for your child with a peanut allergy at your school? I have our 504 meeting next week, and while I know that they are willing to do a PF classroom and PF table in the cafeteria, I don't know that that is an accommodation that I am comfortable with. My son is already socially a little behind, and the thought of ostracizing him through separation makes me very concerned. I want to know what other people are asking for, and what they are getting! I'm trying to walk the fine line of "reasonable accommodations" in the "least restrictive environment". The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and I want to be diplomatic while going in as informed as I possibly can. I want to look at as many alternatives as I can! Any input is VERY MUCH appreciated!!!

By PA Mommy on May 15, 2011

My PA son isn't going to school for a few years yet, but I'm sending my daughter to a local charter school because I like their allergen policies better than our local public schools.

When my son enters school, he'll have a peanut-free classroom. They don't have a cafeteria in this school, so he will eat in his peanut-free classroom with all of his classmates. I have mixed feelings about this part. I know it's a burden for his non-pa classmates, as none of them can have peanuts in their lunch. But I do like that I know that his whole class will be eating lunches that are safe for him.

The other part I like is that they also will put all their nut-allergy kids in the same class, so he likely won't be the only one with the allergy. Then he isn't the only one making the room peanut-free.

I hear you on your discomfort. I'm not sure I like the whole peanut-free table in the cafeteria, either. But, if the school can put him in a class with multiple allergenic kids, then he'd have some classmates to eat with. And the other thing is, it's only the eating portion of lunch... after he eats, your son will be able to play with all the other kids at recess, so I don't think he'll feel too left out.

By Lexygrl1 on May 18, 2011

Nikkiz..I feel the same way, I could have wrote your post. From what I know about the school district my dd would attend is not peanut allergy friendly. They serve peanut butter and jelly in the cafeteria, make peanut butter treats for Christmas, serve chinese food in the Middle school. I heard in one of the elementary schools the pa child had to stand outside the classroom when they made a peanut craft. My dd starts pre-k this year. She will be attending a peanut free preschool.

I called the school district, where my daughter will be attending kindergarten, last week to find out their peanut allergy policy. I left a message for the director but she did not call me back. I don't know where to go from here, do I call the director again or should I call the principle or the nurse of the elmentary school she'll go to?

Thru friend, I recently found out the neighboring school district does have peanut free classrooms. The same type of school policy PAmommy mentioned. I much rather send my dd there, but I would have to ask for an interdistrict transfer, with that comes many other issues. I'm at the point where I need to find more information about our school districts policies when it comes to allergies.

Please let me know who you contacted when it came to finding out the schools food allergy policy? Thank you!