Sandwich bread, need safe brand


My son is TN allergic. Do you guys know of any wholesome sandwich bread that is not "made in a facility with tree nuts?" It seems like they all are, unless they are pure white bread like wonder bread or some such.

Any recommendations for a heartier sandwich bread? For that matter, I'll even welcome recs for a not-so-hearty sandwich bread. What do you guys do, do you bake all your own bread?

I'm so new at this, and my son just had another reaction, this time to a bite of a grilled cheese sandwich that had hazelnuts crushed up in the bread. It looked like simple sandwich bread... I gave it to him myself, and I feel terrible about it. He's OK, but it affected his throat and vocal chords, so we had to go to the ER and the works...

Thanks for any advice. Shannon ds allergic to TN, age 4.

On Nov 12, 2007

We use the following breads: Sara Lee, Gold Medal, and sometimes Safeway brand. We are in Southern CA and they do not sell wonder bread here any more. I have found both of these breads are good and the kids like the taste.

Beware of french breads, I have discovered most of them are now carrying the warning "may contain" or "made in the same plant"

Sometimes we do make our own bread(completely from scratch) as many of the bread machine mixes have warnings as well.

Hope this helps a little

On Nov 12, 2007

I just had my bread battle for the week. I went to the store this afternoon to buy bread (and a ton of other things). I have to find bread that is dairy free also. I finally found (after reading about 20 labels) an Italian bread by D'Italiano (which apparantly after further reading of the label is made by Sara Lee). I also prefer wheat bread. The Kroger store brand bread is oakay also (wheat and white). Another one that I buy (has dairy) is Aunt Millie's Cracked Wheat.

Hope this helps,

On Nov 12, 2007

Sara Lee has clear May Contain labeling now, whereas Interstate Brands (Hostess) never has and apparently never will with their stupid codes. So, we just go with Sara Lee now and check the label each time. Good bread too.