Sandwich Bread for Nut Allergic Child?

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We just found our son to be allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I am having a hard time finding bread in the Chicago area, that isn't also wheat and gluten free. I find this frustrating since our son CAN eat what is in bread -- he just can't have bread because of where or what it is processed near. He's a picky eater already, and bread, bagels, etc. are BIG on his current menu. Does anyone know of a bakery on-line or in the Chicago area? Otherwise, we'll start making it ourselves.

On Dec 10, 2004

My son is PA,TNA, and allergic to sesame,sunflower. We regularly use Pepperidge Farm Sandwich Bread and Canadian White, as well as their frozen garlic breads, and hot dog rolls. The hamburger rolls are labeled for sesame so we avoid them.

On Dec 10, 2004

Hi Judy!

We use Rudy's Organic. It is great-they have wheat, white, sourdough, hot dog buns and hamburger buns. It is the best bread and nut free. You should be able to find it at Whole Foods, Gelsons, Wild Oats, Mothers Markets, or any other Health Food Store or other Markets.

My dd (4 1/2 loves their breads.)

They have a website but I don't know if you can order directly from them or not.

Happy Holidays toomanynuts

On Dec 11, 2004

Thank you! Thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback! I'm sure I sound like a "novice," but it is helpful to get immediate advice/info. It's hard to go from having everything in your house, to finding out that you can't have anything without baking it/making it yourself. And, even then you need to investigate ingredients!

On Dec 13, 2004

I was in Peoria IL over the summer and was amazed to see that most hamburger and hot dog buns in that grocery store were labeled as "may contains" for peanut or nut. I didn't check the sliced bread. The buns were the plain white variety, and this was true for several companies. Here in the DC area, I don't see that. I wondered if there was a difference in manufacturing in the midwest (ie more product variety (incl nuts) in one factory) or if there was a difference in labeling (better labeling has reached IL before the DC area).


On Dec 20, 2004

I'm in northern IL, and we get Home Pride Country 100% Whole Wheat bread. I've seen it in our local Jewel and Dominicks. It has no warning about nuts on it, and it is dairy free. It tastes good too!

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On Dec 21, 2004

Welcome Judy! I don't have an answer to your bread question, as ds is allergic to gluten. He hates all the gluten-free breads. But I'm glad you're here, and I want to let you know that I live within 30 minutes of you! It's great to see that there are others in my area with whom I can chat!!

On Dec 21, 2004

Glad to see more people responding to my question! Thanks!

I do have one question for the people using Home Pride bread. Did you call the manufacturer to check on their production facilities (i.e. if nuts are present in the facility, even if not in the wheat bread)? I ask only because that was the bread we were using PRIOR to discovering my son's peanut/tree nut allergy. I would LOVE to go back to using it, but would prefer to know that there is no risk of cross contamination.

And, thank you to the person who recommended Rhode's bread products! We contacted them (in addition to checking out their labels) and it's nice to know that they are NUT free, with a small product line. We've been using it ever since your suggestion, and it's available readily at our local grocery stores.

I'm so glad websites like this exist. It really has helped us tremendously already (just two weeks now).