This is off topic, but I know many of our kids have multiple allergies....

My PA 19 month old son had a HORRIBLE reaction yesterday to play sand in the sandbox at his grandparents' house. Head to toe hives, swelling, sneezing, bloodshot eyes, etc. Very similar to his one exposure to peanuts. This was fresh sand so there is no chance that a peanut-buttery cousin was in it before him. Fortunately, a dose of benadryl did the trick.

Has anyone experienced this? Is play sand different than beach sand? We are vacationing in NC in a couple of weeks, at the beach, of course. I'm stressed out enough as we prepare to take this peanut-free, egg-free show on the road for the first time....if we have to stay off the beach, too, I'll probably lose my mind!!! I imagined the beach as a safe oasis.

Anyone run across this.....sorry to be off topic!

Jennifer Mom to Gabe the Babe, 19 months

On May 31, 2000

Hi...Has your child been tested for Shellfish Allergy????

My one son is not only PA but also shellfish. Since, sand is made up of some shells, it is possible that that is what your child is reacting to. I don't know how pure sand is and the specifics on that..but it is possible. Also, if the sand was treated with some kind of chemical, I suppose that could be possible too.

My shellfish allergy son can go to the ocean and play in sand..I just have to make sure he doesn't touch anything that moves...etc. Regardless, I can not fully relax at the beach with him.

Since you are going on vacation soon, may I suggest getting allergy testing for the shellfish. Let me know...this allergy has not been a huge issue for us yet, (except for the beach) as kids don't eat shrimp for lunch at school.

------------------ I am a mom of two anaphalactic PA boys and my daughter and myself also have allergies. You may e-mail me at: [email][/email] ...I know, I interesting e-mail address...*lol*

On May 31, 2000

Hi Jennifer. I am PA and shell fish allergic and live at the beach and I have never had any problem with sand. I am on it every day. Andy

On Jun 1, 2000

My PA son is also allergic to MOLD, the playground at his day care has many sand boxes and the wooden slides, etc, seem to smell a little musty after long rainy periods. At times his right eye swells after playing there. Eye drops and benadyl take care of it. OF COURSE the first few times, I freaked thinking he was somehow exposed to Peanut or egg before going out. Then I wondered if it was just that he got it in his eye? But he didn'g get any hives? Last month he climbed in my bed around 1am itching like crazy, I pulled up his PJ's to find multiple welts as over his back that looked like worm? We had been to the YMCA and showed in the (probably MOLD infested) stall? I wonder if some of the reactions to sand could be enviromental things? Good luck.

On Jun 1, 2000

Once on this board (I don't remember exactly where) I read a post from a mother who said her child reacted to a sandbox. It turned out that there were ground walnut shells in the sand. Just a thought...

On Jun 1, 2000

When I was little I had a reaction to sand. The doctors at that time couldn't figure out what the problem was. Everytime I played in our sandbox, I got sick. It never occured to my mother that I could have and allergy to cats. Cats and sand just go together. Well, the cats were the problem. How fresh was the sand being used. Did it sit for any amount of time uncovered. That could be the problem.

On Jun 1, 2000

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Unfortunately, the sandbox is still a mystery.

As luck would have it, we had an allergist appointment today (to test for tree nuts...we have a big walnut in our yard).

The allergist was completely baffled by our experience. The sand was fresh, straight out of the bag so no cat problems or mold problems (Gabe's neg. for mold anyway). He also tested neg. to most tree nuts. He was a borderline postive/negative to walnuts and pecans, but the doctor doesn't think he would have a reaction to casual contact with those nuts or our walnut tree (obviously, we won't give him any nuts to eat).

He also tested negative to shellfish today, which was a great relief. The one postive we got today was a very strong 4+ to sesame.

Thanks for the advice. I'm still scared about the beach, but hopefully, it won't be a problem.

the mystery continues.....

Jennifer Mom to Gabe who is peanut, egg and sesame allergic Also, allergic to cat and dog dander

On Jun 2, 2000

Something like this happened to my son when he was one at the beach (before I knew he was PA). He started gasping for breath (I had just smeared him with sun tan lotion). At the time, I figured that he must have swallowed sand (although I was watching him like a hawk, and was certain it couldn't be...) Anyway, after that when I put suntan lotion on him he'd scream "It burns, it burns". Once I found out he was PA and started reading the labels on various suntan lotions, I found many of them contain assorted "nut oils" (most unspecified). Now I use one of the Coppertone products (no nut oil, SPF 30). Did you put sunscreen on you child before playing in the sandbox? Just a possible explanation...

On Jun 2, 2000

Nut oils in sunscreen. Wow, my son hates sunscreen. He screams and cries when I put it on him. Makes me wonder!!!!