San Jose (Bay Area}, Ca. Support Group?!


Hi! I am very intererested to learn if there are any existing support groups in this area or if anyone is interested in starting one. We can all use the help to learn more about food allergies and to spread the word! Hopeful in San Jose! Cynthia......


On Nov 1, 1999

Did you ever get any responses? I am new to this board and in your geographic area. I am particularly interested in support group for my son in future when older and myself in dealing with public school system.

On Jan 19, 2000

Hi I am new to this allergy thing and live in the south bay Blossom Valley area. My 18 month old had her first peanut reaction a few months ago and we are starting to feel overwhelmed with all the info and things you have to watch out for. She had her first visit with the allergy doctor today. They did a RAST test, we should know the results within a week or two. I would like to be involved in a support group, I am already seeing how people take this allergy for granted, and I am not feeling comfortable leaving my daughter with anyone. Please email me or post on the board. Thanks in advance.

On Feb 16, 2000

Hi! I too, am interested in a support group for peanut allergies. I live in south San Jose and would love to be a part of a group that could help me cope with my 2 year old son's deadly allergy. If anyone would like to start a support group/play group, or has any info. they would like to share with me, please contact me, I would love to hear from you.

On Feb 18, 2000

I have been hearing from quite a few people who live in the San Jose area and are interested in getting together to discuss living with PA and the possibility of starting a support group. I have a 6 year old with PA and I am 36 and have lived my entire life with this allergy. We will be planning a first meeting within the next few weeks. Please contact me if you are interested! Cynthia