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Just got back from my honeymoon in San Diego/La Jolla.

Overall experience was very good, I wanted to mention one restaurant in particular.

Claim Jumper's is a Western United States chain restaurant. We ate at the one on Carmel Mt. BLVD just north of San Diego. (20 minutes or so)

The manager on duty came over after the waitress serving us suggested that we talk to him. I explained that I was PA and he was very understanding. Except for the Chinese rolls and a salad with THAI sauce everything was okay. Of course, check for yourselves, but the manager sat down and spoke with us for about 15 minutes...during the lunch rush! He described what was in every food and since they make 95% of their food from scratch, the recipe cards are available to him. I was very pleased.

Oh yeah: The fries, fried in Canola Oil, are absolutely fries I have EVER had. And the pizza is GREAT too!

On Apr 24, 2000

We love Claim Jumper. They have always been very helpful. The manager always comes over right away to talk about the food. We usually go to the one in Carlsbad(on the coast North of San Diego). It is a fun stop after Legoland which is right down the road.

On Jun 17, 2000

Thanks for the tip!

We are going to San Diego next week. Any other hints on where to eat (9 year old PA child)?

Did you happen to do the zoo? - I'm wondering if there are peanuts everywhere there?

Thank you.

On Jun 17, 2000

Great!!! I am heading to SD in August...I'll be sure to check it out! Glad the honeymoon went well!!! =)

On Jun 17, 2000

We have gone to the zoo many times. It is very clean there.We bring our own food and have a picnic. The zoo is also attached to Balboa Park which has great picnic areas. I have never noticed any peanuts at the zoo. However the zoo and the Wild Animal Park are related and we just went to the Wild Animal Park the other day. They now sell hot roasted nuts on their snack carts and so the zoo may as well. We didn't have any problems at all. I definitely recommend going to the Wild animal park if you have not been there. They have a large picnic area and you can bring all your own food.You can buy a pass which gives you admission to both places for a discount.It is a really unique place. They have a tram tour and you are not allowed to eat on the tram.We sit in the back and the seats are wipeable so I feel safe on there.

Restaurant recommendations are definitely Claim Jumper, Chili's, Spoons and Red Robin. They have all been real helpful and friendly. Avoid Roadhouse Grill they give everyone peanuts and they throw the shells on the floor.Oh you have got to try Rubio's they are great!! Have you ever had fish tacos? very yummy!They have grilled chicken and burritos and stuff too. Soup Plantation is great too if you like the salad & soup places. They keep a recipe book behind the counter and will let you read all the ingredients. We do stay away from the breads and muffins but everything else is great.

We go to Legoland a lot too. There is a Claim Jumper and an Islands near there that is good. Avoid TGIFridays. If you are near any Costco's (it is a wherehouse store) they have great pizza's for only ten dollars and they also have hot dogs. It is just a walk up counter but the pizza is great to pick up and take with you.There is one by Legoland and also down in San Diego.

Are you actually staying in San Diego or a nearby city? let me know if I can answer anymore questions. I live about 35 minutes north of San Diego.

On Jun 17, 2000

i forgot to mention if you want to pick up any treats from the grocery store while you are here there are certain Hostess items that are safe in this area. The Twinkies, chocolate cupcakes(not the new golden ones) ding dongs, ho ho's, and the gem donuts are good. These are produced in their LA bakery which is peanut/nut free.These are the only store bought baked goodies we eat. My husband is a supervisor with Hostess and my brother is a big wig whose office happens to be located in the same building as the bakery. I would definitely be informed immediately if this policy changed. Some of their other products like mini muffins, brownies and golden cupcakes are made in San Francisco which is not nut free.