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We may be moving to San Antonio. I couldn't find any info in all the site. Is anyone from there/have any suggestions for areas to live (in general)/ know of good schools (academically and for keeping my DS safe from peanuts)? I appreciate any help!!

On Mar 8, 2006

I found this information for a friend of a friend recently. I know dallas is not what you are looking for but she may be able to point you in the right direction. this was an email sent to me. FAST (food allergy support team) of Texas, based in Dallas. Your friend is welcome to call me with any questions, as I have been at this for six years (home 214-369-8670). To get on the FAST mailing list, your friend can send his/her directory info to [url=""][/url] The group is planning a fundraising and awareness raising run this Spring, and just had an organizational meeting. Same group of people, just more ambitious format and affiliation with other FAST groups around the U.S. Donna

On Mar 8, 2006

McCobbre has some good info about San Antonio in this post [url=""][/url]

On Mar 8, 2006

Hey nat'smom --

I'll be up in San Antonio on March 18th for the day (I drive up once a month from Del Rio, 3 hour drive). Would you like me to grab you a few Real Estate brochures from the NW side where lots of the newer homes are going in? Let me know -- e-mail me (address in my profile) and let me know how I can be of help.

I can't be much help on schools up there, but it would be a way for you to narrow down areas. Then you can do some sleuthing about certain schools online.

San Antonio traffic is HORRIBLE, so you definitely need to take that into account as to where you will be working and where you will want to buy a home.

We have seen 1 allergist there, though I was not all that taken with him. (Maybe more my problem than his.) But I can get you that info too as far as a starting point in that direction.

We are moving from Texas this spring/summer (job transfer) so I'd be happy to help while we're still here!


On Mar 9, 2006

Hi, there - if you're up for the occasional 1.5 hour drive, come to the Austin Food Allergy Parents' Support Group meetings. We meet every other month at 7 p.m. at the central location of the Central Market store. My co-founder and I just met with the founder/president of a new group out of Dallas called FAST (Food Allergy Support Team) of Texas (as qdebbie referenced). The AFAPSG will actually now be under the FAST umbrella.

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On Mar 12, 2006

We lived in San Antonio for a handful of years (1992-1999) in the lovely secluded (yet minutes from downtown)River Road neighborhood. My DH worked up in the medical center area, I worked downtown at the SA Symphony and later for KSTX/KPAC. We LOVED our neighborhood, older funky homes, cool neighbors, a nice mix of folks. If we stayed there we would have chosen private school. Monte Vista is another lovely older neighborhood, however they have many 'historic' ordinances governing what you can do with your house. King William has WONDERFUL GRAND old homes, but like the other neighborhoods, you'd be best at a private school. Alamo Heights is (or at least was) known as THE best public school district in the city and has MANY lovely homes...although you 'pay' for the schools in real estate prices. San Antonio also has a ton of new gated communities, were everything is very 'nice.' Not our cup of tea. Good Luck! feel free to contact me off boards. Diane