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Our homeschool co-op starts this week, and I want to email a letter to the other parents and teaching moms reminding them that my DD has PA, TNA and asthma. (The co-op is peanut free but not TN free.)

Also, sick kids are supposed to stay home but moms bring kids with colds all the time. ("It's just a cold...) For my DD, viruses trigger her asthma, and we're lucky if it's "just an ER visit." So I want to remind everyone that if their kids are sick to please let the teachers know, so DD can sit away from them and use hand sanitizer.

Anyone have a sample letter I could read? I'm having problems phrasing the letter.



By Food Allergy Assistant on Sep 8, 2009

We sent a letter like this when our son started pre-school. Here's the gist of it:

Dear Parents, We need your help. Our son, (NAME), is in your child's class. NAME is allergic to _____________. Our doctor has recommended that _____________________ (We asked that peanuts and tree nuts not be sent into the classroom).If NAME comes in contact with his allergens, he could have an anaphylactic reaction which means the allergens could cause his airways to swell up and he wouldn't be able to breathe. He could die if he does not receive prompt medical attention. We're sure you can imagine our anxiety as we send NAME off to school. His teachers have been trained in how to handle an allergic reaction and how to insure a safe school environment. Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and welcome any questions. We can be reached at PHONE #.


I hope that was helpful. We had a great preschool experience that year. Everyone was very understanding.

By BestAllergySites on Sep 9, 2009

TRex Family,

Is there any way you can work with the preschool so that THEY can send the letter out?

From past experience I've come to realize that some parents do not seem to like letters from other parents telling them what to matter how kindly you ask.

The above letter is pretty standard. You could add more detail if necessary if warning labels are an issue or birthday celebrations etc. But I'd try to keep it short ensuring the other parents will read it.

Best of luck! Ruth

By jenniferbfab on Sep 10, 2009

I could not agree with Ruth more. Get the school involved. This should not be your job, and you may find you don't want to be put in that position. When my son attended preschool, the letter came from the school. In Kindergarten, the note came from the school nurse. Most important, to make certain the non-allergic kids' parents understand, they required all of the parents' to sign a copy of the letter.

Good luck, Jennifer B

By TRexFamily on Sep 10, 2009

It's a homeschool co-op, not a school. One mom is the main organizer, but we're equals. We don't have a principal or school board. The official policy is no peanuts, but tree nuts are allowed.

I sent out a letter explaining my DD's allergies and asthma. I put a nice note in it asking that I be notified in advance if anyone is sending food in for birthdays, parties or lessons so that I can provide a safe alternative. The teaching moms were wonderful and asked me for a safe list of foods for her.

Most of the moms have contacted me and expressed their support and understanding. I have not heard from 2 moms yet, but I hope for the best. (One of those moms sent in tree nuts last year when tree nuts were banned.)

I also asked that if any child has a cold, that the mom tell me so that my daughter can sit at a different table. I explained that because of asthma and a severe heart condition (in our family), colds can be very dangerous for us.

I hope it all works out. We shall see what the year brings.

Thanks for your input.