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Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 6:06am
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I have 2 year old b/g twins, my ds is pa. I just found out 2 wks ago, and just came across this site yesterday. To be honest, I feel sick reading stuff here. (no offense [img][/img])
I hope to learn and get some support from others in the same boat, although I practically get 'hives' just thinking about it. I am on peanut overload. Thanks!

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Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 8:38am
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Welcome Bearcubs [img][/img],
You'll find alot of great information here at PA.COM. I found out more here then from my allergist.
A great place for support from people who really "get it"!
Take care,
Katiee (another Canadian)

Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 8:59am
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Welcome to the club, sorry you had to join. But your lucky you found this resource so quickly, I just found it a couple of months ago and we've been dealing with PA for over 7 years. All the best.
BTW we're Canadian too (lower mainaland)
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Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 11:50am
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Just curious where in Canada do you live? Katiee, where do in Canada do you live as well?
Take Care
Codyman (another Canadian!)

Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 11:02pm
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Hi Codyman...
We live in Ottawa where, at the moment, it is a balmy -26 [img][/img]. I don't even want to consider what the temp might be with the windchill factored in...where in Canada are you?
Take care,

Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 11:13pm
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Welcome bearcubs!
It can be a bit over whelming at first. I've never found any place that had so much first hand knowledge of this allergy, but what I've learned here, I wouldn't trade for anything.

Posted on: Sun, 01/26/2003 - 11:47pm
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Katiee - I heard -37 with the wind chill this morning.....

Posted on: Mon, 01/27/2003 - 12:36am
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Hello Bearcubs,
Boy, do I know how you feel. I remember crying as I learned more and more about Peanut Allergies, I felt so overwhelmed. I just couldn't believe the magnitude of the situation. It is a life changing discovery. Hopefully you will eventually get strength from this discussion board, as I have, and you will be able to use that strength to deal with this on a daily basis. I know that the more you learn about it, the sadder you get (at least that is how I felt not too long ago), but the more you know, the safer your husband will be.
Eventually I began to see the bright side of things. I know it's a stretch, but by cooking at home more, think of all the mystery hairs you will avoid from restaurants! Also, by eliminating peanut butter (and peanut products and products that "may contain") from your diet, you get to avoid all those extra pounds, as it is so fattening!
Question, did your husband just find out that he has peanut allergies? How did he find out?
Take care!

Posted on: Mon, 01/27/2003 - 3:40am
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Ahhh, another Canuck in our midst... Kinda makes ya wanna say, "eh".
(and quit whining everybody, it's still a
-31 windchill here in Montreal in the middle of the afternoon!)
[i]Je deteste l'hiver!!![/i]
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Posted on: Mon, 01/27/2003 - 3:54am
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Hi everyone! I too am Canadian (New Brunswick) and new to this site! Its excellent. I think I've learned more in 2 days than in the past 6 years. My daughter is almost 8 now but we learned about her PA when she was 2 and a half. She touched PB (didn't even eat it) and minutes later she was on the floor unconscious, not breathing. Scariest moment in my life. Thankfully a wise md had noticed her tendancy toward allergies and recommended we carry the epi-pen which saved her life.
Once glad I found this site. Its wonderful to get so much info and have a place to vent, eh?
BTW...Its a balmy -3 here. Last week we had our share of cold though!!

Posted on: Mon, 01/27/2003 - 4:54am
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Hey everybody! (Or should I say, Hey everybody, eh'!)Thanks for replying to my post. I thought it was erased until I clicked on 'show the last 2 days only' then it came up.
Well, firstly, I am in southwestern Ontario. But I really love Ottawa, I rafted on the river there, and love out East, we've spent a vacation there since we've been married. And I was born in Alberta! Canada rocks!
It's been real cold lately, but now its warmed up a little. I took the twins skating on the river yesterday, ds hated it, dd loved it.
And, it's not my husband who is pa, it's my 2 year old son. (dh just has environmental allergies) I gave him pb 2 weeks ago or so, and he immediately started saying owee and then got all red, and was coughing and coughing, then hives on his face, then itchy on his ears and eye, and hives on his hands and starting on his trunk by the time we got to the hospital. Scary.
Then the md gave pediapred and said he didn't need an epipen since it wasn't anaphalaxis??!??! The pharmacist, without me mentioning, brought out an epi junior pen and said I could consider it. I said I had asked and the md said I didn't need it. He called the hospital and got a rx. I asked why he didn't want to give me a script for one, and he said he was afraid I would use it incorrectly. Sigh.
So, my family doc just wrote a script for a second one.
Things are going ok besides the walnut carrot cake at church yesterday and my dad eating peanuts at their house while the kids were napping.
And like I mentioned earlier, this site scares me. I mean, it's good to get information but it is so scary to read stuff. I have been overtaken by this pa, and I dream about it at night. I am finishing my diploma at home, only 3 courses left until I am done in Spring, but that was before the pa, and it is a crash course in itself!
Anyways, I am so thankful that he is OK and that we know what to look for and what to do if there is a rxn. I am thankful about lots of stuff, and will keep thinking about all the things I am thankful for, do what I can, and trust God for all the rest.
Thanks for your replies eh'! [img][/img]


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