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Safeway Grocery Stores have Nut Butter Station

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I am fairly new here and more of a lurker than anything, but I am coming out of lurkdom to share this alert. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, or even if I am posting this in the correct area. But I wanted to make sure the word got out about Safeway stores.

I was just at our Safeway grocery store that I have been shopping at for almost a year now. The store is being remodeled. Well, today I noticed something that sent me into disbelief and shock. A Nut Butter making station that is set up in the store! This means that basically they are processing nuts of all kinds right next to the canned goods and literally just steps away from the produce isle!

I tried to ask someone about when the station would be functioning and no one knew...nor did it seem like they cared.

I'm seriously appalled that ANY store would process nuts inside their store and right out in the open where people are shopping!

Today was the last day that I will shop at Safeway and I will be transferring our prescriptions from there as well. We can't take a risk of my son (who has a severe allergy to peanuts) will take an antibiotic and have a reaction for a particle floating around in the air.

I am also going to be contacting Safeway via phone and in a letter about the situation. And let me tell ya, they will miss us with the amount of business we give them from the pharmacy alone (my son is also an asthmatic).

On Jun 6, 2007

Oh no! I shop almost exclusively at Safeway. I only have two choices in town and the other place is always packed.

I'll check with my Safeway today when I'm in town. You can bet the management will hear from me if they dare put a nut butter station in the Safeway where I shop!

Thanks for the warning.

On Jun 6, 2007

A bit of an update: I contacted headquarters and apparently my message is going to go to the "right department." The people I spoke with were very friendly and helpful.

I also spoke with the assistant manager about the issue. She said it never crossed her mind that there would be an issue. I also informed her that they need to at least have a sign outside their doors saying that they are processing nuts in their store. I also let her know that there is potential for a law suit to happen for unsuspecting shoppers. I also let her know that if my son was given even produce from that store, my son could have a reaction to it (the produce section is RIGHT next to this station).

Anyway, she said she is going to send a note to her DM about it and see if there is anything that they can do or what measures they need to take.

I feel good that I was treated well, but I doubt they will remove the station just from my voice squawking about it. I don't know of any other nut allergy mom's in my area to join me...but man I will squawk about it until the cows come home if I have to! phew!

On Jun 6, 2007

related to this...

Once weekend I came home as a surprise from college (I just lived 3 hours away), and I walk in the door to find my mother making homemade peanut butter. I reacted instantly with my lungs hurting and wheezing and sneezing...I had to step outside in freezing air, take some benadryl, then drive an hour to my sister's house for the weekend.

Oh - I wasn't angry at my mom at all. Our house was never peanut free growing up, and I didn't live there anymore. That's not what this post is about (so please spare yourself from commenting about that aspect).

This post is about how much nasty peanut-iness is thrown into the air when you are food processing nuts and peanuts.

I wouldn't go into a store that does this. Carts and other items would be covered in the dust as they went by the station (if it was in use). Let alone how close you say the produce is.

A Whole Foods near me had a station like this for a while...and I complained and ended up going to another one across town that didn't. The one that did though, had a very large and clear sign at the entrance warning peanut, almond, and cashew allergic customers. Eventually they took it out.

Good luck, Adrienne

------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Jun 6, 2007


Thank you SO much for sharing your story because part of me is feeling like I'm being a little crazy about it (I tend to feel that way as others roll their eyes at my comments about nuts being at school parties and such).

I also never thought about the dust being on the carts along with everything else!

I am so glad I called Safeway and I can only hope and pray how that they follow suit with your Whole Foods market...I'm still in shock that a store would think to put a station like this in a store in this day and age!

I'm seriously tempted to contact the FDA or something to make sure they are aware...even friends of mine that do not have food allergies find this station appalling!

On Jun 7, 2007

Hi jtreegirl, I live in Northern Arizona. Today, I tracked down two of the assistant managers in my Safeway store (where I shop almost exclusively) and asked them if they know of any plans to but a nut butter station in the store.

They knew nothing about it - and asked for more information. They both seemed allergy aware - particularly PA - and sounded concerned. They asked 'which Safeway'?

Do you mind if I email you offline? I'd like more information about your Safeway. Perhaps I can prevent a nut butter station from being installed in my store!

Thanks, Adele

On Jun 7, 2007

No, I don't mind at all!!! I for sure would love to stop this and the more people telling Safeway that this is NOT ok the better! [img][/img]

my email is jtreegirl at yahoo dot com

On Jun 8, 2007

Hi jtreegirl, Not everyone checks the 'Alerts & Food Recalls' threads. Would you mind posting the info on Safeway nut butter stations on the MAIN DISCUSSION BOARD?

I think it is information that everyone should see. Thanks! Adele

On Jun 8, 2007

I will do that right away! I for sure want to make sure everyone who shops Safeway is aware of it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

On Jun 8, 2007

double post

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On Jun 15, 2007

Our Dominicks/Safeway store is also currently being remodeled. I believe it is due to the Whole Foods that opened less than 3 miles from this location and they need to step up and offer more Whole Foods like produce and like brands.

That said, the Whole Foods in the area offers a nut butter station. One can select whatever nuts they want and place into a shared grinding system. I was surprised when I saw this too.

On Sep 8, 2007

Some of the Safeways in Eugene have bulk nuts strewn all over the fresh produce. It's a huge mess and the dust is everywhere. Even if my son weren't allergic to peanuts it looks really unsanitary and unprofessional. At any rate, I'd hesitate before going to any of Safeway in the Eugene, Oregon area for anything. I'm sure the nut storm has made its way into carts, on employees and conveyor belts.

On Sep 8, 2007

jtreegirl, where are you located? I live in Northern California and have never seen a Nut Butter Station in any store I've ever visited. (Maybe they're in Whole Foods as someone said, but I don't shop in that store anyway). There are lots of Safeways in our area.

On Sep 8, 2007

I live in San Ramon, CA. Where they just openned a new store down the street. I was there on opening day with my PA and TA allergic son. He started sneezing about halfway through the store. When we reached the other end we where shocked to find a nut bar!! I went back a few days later so I could look at how it worked... with out my son. I am still not sure how I feel about it.

On Sep 9, 2007

They re-did the three Safeway stores in my area (Belmont/San Mateo) and there are no nut stations in them.

On Sep 14, 2007

Our Raleys and Bela Air have peanut butter machines and they are right next to the bulk bins! Right across from that they display Cherrybrook Farms peanut/nut free! They recently put in a big open bin of in the shell peanuts in produce! I have written the headquarters with no reply! Two times! Some times don't you feel like you are dodging landmines everytime you go out? I guess all we can do is keep educating!

On Sep 16, 2007

What in the world? Who came up with this idea? And they didn't think about the PA issue at all????