Safety at the Park Need Help Please

Posted on: Sun, 10/07/2001 - 1:19pm
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My son James just turned 4 and its only been 2 weeks since we found out about the peanut allergy. Im terrified to take him anywhere children are . Is this being too protective about the safety issue when it comes to the park? He already misses Chuckie Cheese and I worry about Playstation at the local mall.Hes and only child and I fear that Im doing him an injustice but I panic and the idea I might miss something and he will get another reaction. Please give me some suggestions to keep him happy and me sane. thanks for listening, Kathy Ann

Posted on: Mon, 10/08/2001 - 12:10am
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Hi Kathyann: everyone has their own comfort level...a lot probably depends on past experience. My son is almost 5 yrs old and we go to parks,play on the playground at McDonalds, go to county fairs, etc. I keep a watch out for people eating peanut products, but so far we have not had any problems (he was diagnosed at 2 yrs old after having an anaphylactic reation to a PB sandwich). We have never had a contact reaction from being at a public park, etc. I realize that it could happen, but I am more inclined to let him play and just be prepared to take action if necessary. I do avoid situations where I KNOW there will be lots of peanuts (ie, the circus, etc) if it is something he isn't really that interested in anyway. Again, someone who's child has had a contact reaction in this situation might have a different opinion. But I wanted to let you know that we have managed to be reaction free since diagnosis and we go to parks,etc all the time. It takes a while to find your comfort zone (even then, it continually evolves)...I wish you the best of luck.

Posted on: Mon, 10/08/2001 - 1:28am
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My son is almost 2 and I take him to the parks with my older son. But, I do carry wet wipes to wipe down his hands if the park we go to doesn't have washrooms. That way, if he got any peanut residue on his hands, I would hopefully be able to get it off before he stuck any fingers into his mouth. So far, we've been OK. And, out of sight, out of mind is also more my comfort level. If I actually saw children eating peanut butter sandwiches and playing on the park swings and slide, my comfort level would be to leave regardless of having wet wipes on hand. As someone else mentioned, you'll find your own comfort level.
As for the Chuck E. Cheese places, as a rule, I try not to go to those kind of places unless we have to for a birthday party. My kids seem to get sick afterwards whenever we visit those kind of places, regardless that they wash their hands frequently while at those playlands.
As for your fear, I can relate. I, too, still get freaked that something as simple and stupid as a peanut could take away my son. I had had several miscarriages before having my son and was bed bound a lot during my pregnancy so I went through quite a bit to get him. So I can totally understand that scary fear of losing a child. This website has helped a lot with that fear as you will read that there are many children (and adults) who have adjusted very fine to their allergy and are doing fine. The more you read on this site, the more you'll learn that you're not going crazy...a lot of others have been there with the same fears, concerns, and questions. Take care. Warmly, Julie B.

Posted on: Mon, 10/08/2001 - 4:27am
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My son is 22 months old and was diagnosed with the p/a at 12 months, in the beginning I was afraid to take him to the park for the same reasons you've mentioned. It took some time for me to begin taking him to parks but we go atleast 3 times a week now and have never had a problem. I do take wipes with me and clean his hands when we leave. I haven't tried Chucky Cheese yet because I don't think he's old enough to enjoy it yet, but I am considering taking him to the Sanford Zoo this winter.
Take care,

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