Safe White Chocolate in Stores?


I ordered some Vermont chocolate for Easter but forgot about white chocolate for my daughter (I think she will like it since she's not crazy about milk chocolate).

Does anyone make a safe white chocolate anything that I could buy in a supermarket or Walmart, etc. in the U.S.?

I heard Cadbury and Hershey are often considered safe so I'm not sure what to do.

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On Mar 23, 2005

Trebor Allan (a division of Cadbury) manufactures a white chocolate product called "Peter Rabbit" that is available in stores. It is easy to find in Canada.

Trebor Allan Easter chocolate is also distributed to some states in the USA, but it is not as easy to find. Maybe if any Americans have seen Trebor Allan they can write about it here? [img][/img]

On Mar 23, 2005

I think Kellie's Candies have white chocolate. [url=""][/url]

On Dec 12, 2006

Anyone know of a safe brand of white chocolate? I was going to make some Christmas candy and I can't think of a brand that is safe before I go shopping for the ingredients.

On Dec 12, 2006

does Bakers make a safe white one? its owned by kraft i believe.

On Dec 12, 2006

Wal-mart has white chocolate chips are are peanut free.

On Dec 12, 2006

Wal-Mart brands are out, I refuse to shop there. I will check into the bakers brand white chocolate.

I found a very simple recipe for peppermint bark using white chocolate and crushed candy canes it sounds yummy. I was going to make it along with some fudge and rock candy.

On Dec 12, 2006

Guittard makes white chocolate chips this time of year.

On Dec 12, 2006

Just bought Guittard this morning.

Ghiradelli white chips had a "may contain traces of peanuts" on their label. Guittard's website says they are peanut-free.

Good luck!


On Dec 12, 2006

I just bought Bakers white chocolate which I plan to use to top my Christmas chocolate cookies with. The label is o.k. Kraft makes it. I have used other Bakers chocolate with no problems.