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Safe WHITE chocolate chips????

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Has anyone found any? I'd like to make some peppermint bark and another recipe I found (white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies) but I haven't found any safe chips. I've ONLY found Nestle White chips.

Does anyone know of any that are sold in common stores?


On Dec 10, 2007

Once a few years back I found a safe store brand - Price Chopper I think. They are not safe now. However, their butterscotch chips still are.

Other than that Vermont Nut Free sells white chocolate chips.

On Dec 11, 2007

Tonight I just found Guittard safe white chocolate chips at our Christmas Tree Shop.

On Dec 12, 2007

Bakers chocolate makes a white chocolate bar. I have not read the label but the semi-sweet one did not have a warning. I cannot use white chocolate as ds is also allergic to dairy. I cannot say that it is safe but might be worth a little investigation. Hope this helps.

On Dec 13, 2007

thanks for the suggestions everyone. I found a bag at Trader Joes that did not have a warning on it. Do you think it is OK since TJs seems to label things for cross-contamination? It only lists the ingredients, no other warnings/may contains/made on shared equip.

I haven't seen the Baker's white bar, will have to check.

On Dec 20, 2007

I second Baker's. It's made by Kraft. You could call the 800 number on the package to be sure, but I recently called regarding the Baker's semi-sweet chocolate and they informed me that if an allergen isn't listed in the ingredient list and there's no "may contain" warning on the package that it's considered safe.

On Dec 21, 2007

I third Bakers. We use many of their chocolate products, including white for bark.