safe vitamin C


I am trying to find a safe Vitamin C for my son. When I give him vitamin C he gets swollen eyes, and sneezes for days. I later found out from the different companies that make the vitamins, that they may have come in contact with peanuts. They cannot guarantee the safety of this product even though they don't say on the bottle "may contain". I live in Ontario,Canada and would like to know it there is any company that is safe.

thank you, Sandy

On Oct 30, 2001

Welcome to the board Sandy! I give my PA dd shaklee vitamins and chewable vit-c. There is nothing with peanuts in them and she loves to take her vitamins [img][/img] If you want more info you can email me at [email][/email]

Leah [img][/img]

On Oct 31, 2001

Great! Where do I buy them? Is there a phone number on the bottle so I can call them? Thank you Sandy

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On Nov 14, 2001

I give my son Multivitamins now but I was giving my PA son the vitamin c by Naturvite. Is now taking the Multivitamins by the same maker. I'm from London, Ontario and I bought them at the Price Club. I never new vitamins could have come in contact with peanuts who would have ever thought that!

On Nov 15, 2001

Leahtard I bought Shaklee vitamin C chewable. My son loves them and no reaction. Thank you so much! Sandy

On Nov 15, 2001

Smack, I live in Ontario too, and went to Cosco first. I bought Naturvite and they are not safe. I called the company first and they said that their plant is peanut-free but all the ingredients are from different suppliers and that they cannot guarantee them to be safe! So I didn't give it to my son. Thankyou anyways, Sandy

On Nov 16, 2001

Sandy, Holy cow, what the heck is the matter with a company when they can't even make a children's vitamin safe! Thanks, for the info I would have never of thought that vitamins were unsafe...I'm new to all of these web sites and I'm learning lots due to all of you guys. A lot of you Moms and Dads paved the way to Peanut Free Schools so Thanks for all your hard work! -Sylvia