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Hi I'm sorry if this is repetitive. I'd like you input into safe treats. I use smarties fudge striped cookies pops, various chips popcorn Luckily, my PA child enjoys fruit. Please help. What a struggle. Thanks!! Chrissi

On Mar 29, 2001

I have great kids. They all love fresh fruit and veggies. Snack for them have always been apples, bananas, baby carrots, seedless grapes, seedless watermelon, oranges, just about everything. Sometimes I let them have a candy which is the skittles, swedish fish, and cupcakes or cookies, which are homemade. The kids baskets for easter usually include, sunglasses, a movie, skittles, swedish fish(they put them into eggs for eastertime), bubbles, sidewalk chalk, coloring books and crayons, and an outfit. My inlaws buy alot for them and my parents send things to put in the baskets. Oh yeah, my in-laws put the plastic eggs with money, some have a quarter and pennies, some have a dollar bill, the kids love the few dollars in change adding it to the piggy banks. Good luck. I still havent' bought the chocolates from the Vermont nut free factory, but they do have everything, I receive a brochure for every holiday.

On Mar 30, 2001

Thank you for wonderful advice. I also advocate fruits/veget which my children luckily enjoy. Swedish fish? I'm not famaliar. I plan to purchase from Vermont for Easter, and look forward to their choc chips in the cookies we'll make. Conference I recently attended mentioned that the Allergist had seen several children who had reactions from cross contam/ at ice cream salons. I bring my own spoon for the employee to use, but I am more hesitant now. Ice cream salons/ any feedback!!!!!! Have a good w/e.

On Mar 30, 2001

The swedish fish are like a gummi thing. I believe they are made in Canada. I don't use those often, lately whatever I buy for the kids like that candy, I eat all of it. This last month I just found out today I gained 9 pounds, oops, that is only 14 for 6 1/2 months. Good luck with any other ideas.

On Mar 31, 2001

to apple, I would be careful with the fudge striped cookies if they are Keeblers. Keeblers is known to have trace amounts of peanuts in their other cookies and I'm concerned with cross'contamination. I read on another thread that a child had an anaphylactic reaction and the mom thinks she traced it back to the fudge striped cookies. Not to scare you but just watch. I usually buy Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies with good luck, but as of last night, I'm crossing them off my list. I saw a commercial that they are now making a Peanut Butter chocolate chip cookie!!! Can't they leave the damn things alone!! A chocolate chip cookie should be just that. Sorry for the rant! B-well and B-safe.

On Apr 1, 2001

I would definitely avoid the fudge striped cookies. A big favorite in the snack department around here is pretzels with a dixie cup of frosting or marshmellow creme for dipping. Of course I try to serve up tons of fruit and veggies in creative ways but... Easter baskets are the year's pool and sun supplies-goggles, splash balls, etc. I will say that if there is anything good about the food allergy thing, it is that you end up with kids who don't "live to eat". They just eat when they have to, and I am ending up with a couple of lean boys who I think will grow up to make great food choices. We have had to focus on nutrition so much and read labels, and they are starting to reject stuff with too long of an ingredient statement and going for whole foods. Like our body likes, anyway. (Trying to look at the cup half full today..)

On Apr 1, 2001

My kids like that yogurt that comes in tubes and I freeze them. They also eat goldfish crackers, Oreo's, pudding (instant), fruit chews, real fruit, carrot sticks with dip, pretzels...

As far as the ice cream shops go - I've had 3 reactions 1 mild, 1 severe, 1 anaphylactic - I won't eat in one again even if I brought my own spoon. If someone orders 2 scoops of ice cream say peanutbutter cookie and vanilla. The server dips into the PB one and then uses the same spoon to dip into the vanilla - now the whole carton of vanilla is contaminated. Not a risk I'm willing to take with my kids (or myself now that I'm more educated).


On Apr 2, 2001

Thank you so much!! Do you know of safe ice cream/boxed from a grocery store. I'm looking forward to making the hostess-like cup cakes which I found under the recipes/snacks, and will let you know how they were. The recipes look delic. Have a good day/keep the faith!

On Jan 23, 2003

With Valentines around the corner I thought some of us might want to review some ideas that might be safe for the classroom. SOOOOO that is why I raised this thread.

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Jan 23, 2003

my kids, including the two who are PA, have eaten the fudge striped cookies. the name brand one (is it keeblers?) but not the generic which is great value or something like that. the generic is labelled as a may contain but the other is not. someone has actually had a problem with the keebler? this concerns me. are they not labelled properly? i guess i need to look into that further. those are one of the only three types of cookies i buy: fudge stripe, regular oreos, and a generic shortbread called "don't forget the cookies." someone fill me in if you have anymore info on any or all of those. thanks...joey