safe snacks for egg and peanut allergic

Posted on: Sun, 05/27/2001 - 2:44am
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pDoes anyone have a list of safe snacks for egg and peanut allergic child? I have some but would like more selections. Thanks./p
pThe school would like list of safe food when school starts. They don't understand this list could change at any moment. I will have to stay on top of the school snacks../p

Posted on: Sun, 05/27/2001 - 5:10am
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Here is a list of some things my two eat with no problems (we are milk, egg, peanut(and tree nut), coconut, chocolate, carrot, peach, watermelon, and strawberry free)...
Fruit (either fresh or tropical fruit snack cups)
Fresh Veggies (no dip)
Great Value brand wheat crackers (labeled with a U in a circle and a D which means run on equipment that runs dairy products also...Meagan does fine with them)
Great Value brand snack crackers (labeled with a U in a circle and "Pareve")
Pop-Tarts (not generic equivalent) but only the cherry
Green olives (just make sure you read the label)
Sweet pickles (again read the label)
Safe marshmallows
Airhead candies (I can't recall if I called the manufacturer on these or not, but there are none of our allergens in the ingredient label, no allergy alerts on the label, and both kids do fine with them...even the strawberry and watermelon flavored ones, as there are no natural flavors used)
Homemade cookies (their favorite is pumpkin cookies)
Homemade rice krispie treats
and when I'm feeling very "Suzy Homemaker"-ish, homemade sweet breads (apple cinnamon raisin, pumpkin, banana, honey wheat, etc)

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