Safe pasta sauce and cooking oil (peanut, egg allergy)

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5 yr old daughter is allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, cantaloupe and honey dew. She is an extremely picky eater, but is now expressing an interest in "trying" sauce on her pasta. I looked at lots of jars at the grocery store, and although the ingredients were clearly listed, none had an allergen warning label. I am not familiar with "safe" brands for pasta sauce. Any suggestions?

Also, I was looking for oil and I can't believe how many manufacturers now make peanut oil in the big bottles (I used to only see it in the smaller/gourmet-type of bottles). Now I am concerned about the safety of regular, vegetable oil and which brands are considered 'safe'. I'll start calling around tomorrow, but looking for suggestions.

For some reason, her allergist's most recent letter to our pediatrician (we get cc'd) says DD should avoid canola oil. I am going to follow up with allergist about this because I don't understand that. I used to use canola oil. I wonder if it was a mistake (???) or what the reason would be. Has anyone else been told to avoid canola?

Thanks for your help, Nicole

On Feb 25, 2007

Are you a cook? My family is Italian and we make fresh sauce, and we don't use oil, just fresh vegies. If you think this is something you would be interested in I will send you a few recipes to try.

On Feb 25, 2007

DD is PA/TNA so I don't know about egg, honeydew and cantalope- but I use Crisco oil- read several good posts and was happy with their answer. Call again as it's been awhile since I called- when I did call they said all peanut oil was made in a separate plant. We were not told anything about avoiding Canola oil- but we weren't given a whole lot of specifics either. If you find out there is a reason please post why.

On Feb 25, 2007

Hi Nicole. I haven't called...but I would think that olive oil would be safe - a good extra virgin oil. I don't that I think about it I should check because I cook with it all the time. My thought is that the companies that produce that aren't making anything else. On my list to call now.

As for sauce - do you have a Trader Joe's nearby. Their sauces are labeled really well and will list any allergens in the facility on the label. If none are listed then I email just to be sure.

Or you can make sauce really easily by just cooking some finely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil - add a large can of crushed tomatoes and some basil, a little salt and pepper and you're done. You might want to add a pinch of sugar if it's too acidy (you'll see some foam on top - skim it off) or some red wine vinegar if it's too sweet. If it's too thin add a small can of tomatoe paste.

My problem is the pasta....all the ones I like are from italy and I haven't tried calling them yet!

Good luck! or should I say Bon Journo. [img][/img]

On Feb 26, 2007

SarahB-Do you use Olive Oil for baking? I use it for regular cooking, but not baking.

I do cook, but have never made my own sauce. I am going to go to Trader Joe's in a little while and see if I can find a good one there--if not, I'll attempt to make it myself [img][/img]


On Feb 26, 2007

I have used olive oil for baking. It adds a different flavor. Some may like it, some may not. I even used it in a white cake once when I ran out of canola oil--I got some compliments, and people wanting to know what the "flavoring" was, but I didn't care for it myself.

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On Feb 26, 2007

Uh....I have only been "baking" since Jan when ds was diagnosed PA. I think the only thing that called for oil was French bread and pizza dough and I used Olive oil for both.

Nicole...sauce is easy! and so good if you make it at home. You can make a big batch and freeze it in baggies too. I have a recipe somewhere but I usually just wing it. If you want a me and I'll send you one. Although I often use TJ's.

On Feb 26, 2007

I just got off the phone with Crisco and the peanut oil is run on a dedicated line. They label for contains and may contains. She said if anything is run on shared lines, even with washing, it will still say "may contain".

Crisco is what we have always used but when I saw the jug of peanut oil by Crisco, I didn't buy my regular Crisco.

I'm waiting for my little one to get up from her nap and we are going to Trader Joe's for pasta sauce (or the ingredients for me to make it).

Thanks for your help! Nicole

On Feb 26, 2007

We use Ragu alot! I called awhile ago and liked what they said. We have also used Prego. Haven't called on any oil though. But we use Crisco.

On Feb 26, 2007

Just reread your post. I have been to 3 different allergist and never told to avoid canola oil. Did the allergist ever reply to that? It is made out of corn from what I am told.

On Feb 26, 2007

My daughter is allergic to eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Her egg allergy is severe. That being said, we use Ragu traditional and I make my own basic sauce with Hunts paste and sauce and add in spices, Kraft parmasan, ground beef, etc. We have been using these regularly and often over the last three years...since she was diagnosed at 1 year old.

We use Crisco canola oil very regularly. I also buy Bertolli olive oil. If I use shortening, I use Crisco.

We have never had any issues to date with these products.

On Feb 26, 2007


Originally posted by josh'smom: [b]Just reread your post. I have been to 3 different allergist and never told to avoid canola oil. Did the allergist ever reply to that? It is made out of corn from what I am told.[/b]

No, Josh's mom, I Haven't followed up with the allergist about this---I will at our next appointment (not until May)--it isn't a pressing concern of mine (as we have been using canola oil for at least 2 years without any problems), I was just wondering what others had been told. My DD was also allergic to sesame and outgrew last year with a negative food challenge to confirm. Perhaps, because of the history of seed allergy, she was recommending we avoid Canola (????).

This is what Crisco's site says about canola oil: Canola oil is produced from the seeds of the canola plant. This plant grows best in cool, moist climates. In fact, it received its name because the canola plant is Canada's major oilseed crop. Of all vegetable oils, Canola oil is the one naturally lowest in saturated fat. Because it's 100% vegetable oil, Crisco Pure Canola oil contains no cholesterol. It also has no additives or preservatives, and can be used in any recipe that calls for vegetable or salad oil.

I never did make it to Trader Joe's today---we'll have to try tomorrow.

I looked at Prego because that is what dh and I often eat, but they have about 20 ingredients where other companies have about 5. I didn't look at Ragu.

On Feb 26, 2007

Bertolli olive all is what I use in almost everything. I called and was assured it was safe. I tend to use the "light" olive oil because the extra virgin is too heavy for my taste. I use it in baking as well as main dishes. Occasionally I use Crisco soybean oil.

Pasta sauces...when I went to Trader Joe's just about all had traces of peanuts or nuts! We have used Bertolli Tomato and Basil for years. I called and was assured there was no chance of cross contamination on this brand.