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I've been searching for foods which are not only peanut/nut safe, but also healthy and/organic. My 21-month-old son has severe PA. His preschool has gone "nut-free" for him, but some of the mothers in his parent/tot class were insisting on organic snacks. I found one company - Robert's American Gourmet (1-800-626-7557) which makes a variety of snack foods, such as cheese, veggie, or fruit "puffs," potato "flyer" crisps, popcorn, etc. They are all manufactured by Keystone Snacks (1-800-642-6116) in a plant with NO nuts or nut oils. I spoke twice each to Robert's and to Keystone, and I was assured they are a safe alternative. I bought some of their "Veggie Booty" puffed snacks at Whole Foods - they are delicious, and my son loves them. I bought a bunch for the preschool - hopefully this will satisfy the organic moms AND be safe for my child, as well. One mom said to me: "I have compassion for your situation, but my child has rights, too, and I don't want her eating Triscuits!" (wow - that's a discussion in itself, isn't it??)

Anyway, give the companies a call for yourselves. Robert's sent me a brochure and order form, too, if the products are not availbale in your area. Does anybody have any other ideas about safe organic/natural products? I've had bad luck getting answers from Hain or Barbara's. What about Amy's products or Newman's pretzels or cookies?

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On Dec 14, 1999

Do you have Earth's Best baby food in your area? They have an organic snack bar made from puffed brown rice, rice syrup, fruits, etc. for toddlers. There are no nuts in this bar, though it is sweet and has fat. Their phone number is on the side panel of the box.

On Dec 14, 1999

Also, even out here in the land of extremes (CA) any Mom who wanted her kid to have organic products at preschool or daycare or class would be obliged to provide them herself....Wait till she sees what's served in an elementary school cafeteria- some "Pepsi with your hot dog and potato chips dear?"

On Oct 21, 2003

As I have been lurking for a long time, I was always puzzled by the lack of discussion on organic snacks and inclusion of many of individual's "safe lists." After doing quite a bit of research, I see why.... I'll post what I've found anyway.

Bad News (well at least most of them are labelling, so maybe that is actually good news!) Mi-Del Ginger Snaps and other flavors (facility) Pamela's (facility) Hot Kids Rice Crisps (can't recall why, but noted, "don't trust label") Health Valley Tarts, Granola Bars (facility) Barbara's Granola (traces) Earth's Best (new PB bar on same lines but not labeling for cross contamination) Jar food is okay. Nature's Choice Cereal Bars (traces) Country Choice Animal Cookies (shared equipment) Pita Snax (not labeled for cross contam, but received email saying there is risk)

Good News: Hain Animal Cookies (chocolate and vanilla) We used them pre-reaction so I *personally* consider them safe even though I haven't called. Terra Chips (received email. are safe) HolGrain Crackers (their reply below) Thank you for your inquiry concerning our HOL*GRAIN products. Our crackers are made on a line dedicated to the crackers. We do not have any products with nuts. We do have a flavoring packet with pecan flavoring that we include in our 7 ounce box of Wild Pecan Rice. The crackers are made in a separate building and there is no chance of cross contamination. If you will send a mailing address, I will send info on our gluten/wheat free products and some recipes specifically for individuals with allergies. If I can be of further assistance, please call toll-free 800-551-3245. Sincerely, S. Davis

Robert's American Gourmet (as listed elsewhere on this site) Kashi: TLC (tasty little crackers) New Morning Graham Crackers (other products are not safe) Ian's products (chicken nuggets, etc. as listed elsewhere on the site.)

I still have a long list to contact (I'll obviously search here first) and will post anything else I find.

On Oct 21, 2003

Soapy Jo - thanks for the information. I started this post so long ago, and it's still hard to find healthy safe snacks. I could add the Horizon Organic products to the good news (jello and pudding cups, as well as their dairy products), fruit leathers, Enjoylife products, Cool Fruits Freezer Pops, Snyders natural line of veggie chips, etc., Good Health Olive Oil Potato Chips, Veggie Stix, that's all off the top of my head . . . . for now. Oh, also Annie's products, Rudi's Organic Breads, Imagine Soups. I'd love to hear what you find out. By the way, I've had terrible luck calling Hain/Celestial - they've never been able to give straight answers, and when they did, it was mostly bad news. It'd be interesting if you did call about the animal crackers to see if this has changed.

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On Oct 21, 2003

I am also interested in organic foods and have found the following to be safe either by emailing or calling: Columbia Gorge organic canned fruit - peaches, pears, apricots, cherries; Tree of Life organic frozen fruits and vegetables; Organic Creamery block cheese; we use New Morning grahams; Eden organic apple sauce and all their products are safe they said. Yonit - you mentioned Rudi's bread, can you tell me more about what they said. We used to use this before we knew about DS's pa and then stopped shortly after because I heard basically all breads are questionable but I never called them. Do they have a nut flavor of bread? Do you have an email from them you could post?

On Oct 22, 2003

PB Hater - I called Rudi's, so I don't have an email response, but their website is if you want to access their contact information. Unfortunately, I'm not very organized about keeping phone numbers, etc. I was told that they do not make any nut breads and have no nut products in their facility. They do use sesame seeds in some products. Their bread is available at Whole Foods, and it is really yummy - albeit a bit expensive. We also are comfortable using Pepperidge Farm breads, based on my calls.

On Oct 22, 2003

This is the response from Nature's Path EnviroKidz (crispy rice bars, etc.) asking if their packaging listed the "may contains" (I didn't remember that it did) as it does on their web site. I mentioned that the way they handle the gluten for celiacs was admirable and asked if they envisioned ever being able to do the same for nuts.

Hello, All of our packaging includes the nut disclaimer.

We will never have a nut free facility unless we set up a new one that only produces foods that do not contain nuts. At the present time we do not have the ability. We follow the same procedures as with celiacs but it is not worth the risk for us - someone could die if any nut is present so for legal reaasons we leave it up to the consumer to decide if they consume our products.

I think from a manufacturing standpoint you can understand that our hands are tied!

Regards, Consumer Affairs