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I have seen a lot of posts lately that posters are finding things safe and not safe. On items that we all use that one may consider safe or one might not.

My first recommendation is that each of us needs to take the responsibility ourselves and call these manufactures with out just relying on this board for the answers.

Some posters consider things to be safe if the do an allergen wash, others if they run the nut products on a different day, others if the nut products are in the same facility but there are dedicated lines, others trust only the labeling and never call, others only buy from companies that are strictly nut free.

We all have our comfort zones and use products in our home that we know to be safe with in those zones. I appreciate when people post but I still call every manufacturer myself even if I know you use that product everyday and never had a problem. What may not be a problem for one family may be a problem for others.

For example we use Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn with the land o lakes butter on it. When I called I was told the butter was safe even have the CSR go as far as telling me it is only butter. We have used Pop Secret forever and eat it almost every night. Never had a single problem. Don't take my word for it though call and make sure. If you don't get a satisfactory answer from the CSR ask for a manager or supervisor.

Some people are fine with all kinds of cereals and different types of ice creams or eating out in different restaurants- in our family we are not. DD reacted to a common cereal that most of you use here, reacted to a common ice cream and has reacted at several of the restaurants that you all mentioned.

I don't feel comfortable taking my dd to any restaurant fast food or sit down if I know that they use nuts in that facility. We don't allow nuts in our home so why would I allow her to go to a eating establishment if they have nuts in there facility it is to big of a risk with cross contamination. We don't even eat at other peoples homes if they have nut products in their homes.

So- if I just took you word for safe or unsafe foods I would not be serving my dd safe products for her.

CALL CALL CALL on each item that you use or unsure of. Don't just go off the label. Not every company labels yet and if they do I would still call unless you know for a fact it is an entirely nut free facility. If they don't label it doesn't mean that it is safe you have to call.

To the new posters welcome. It is a lot of searching and asking and calling in the being but once you get into the groove you will be fine and you will find what works for you.

Take care and stay safe.

On Jan 27, 2005

Thanks toomanynuts for making this point! I totally agree with you.

I have been on this site for years and it worries me to see some threads reraised, since the info changes so fast and I know there are lots of new PA people (or sometimes even non-PA people trying to be good room moms or whatever) that will take old info as gospel. Especially when the threads are pages long, with lots of debate, people just read a few posts and say "OK" or "No".

I almost would like to see old threads on manufactors and products deleted (archive)as they can give bad info to people just looking for a quick answer. Something safe in 2000, may or may not be safe now. I know that people try to keep updating - but I am think of the new or "trying to be helpful" visitor that does not look thru pages and pages of posts to find a current listing.

And of course I do agree, your point of different comfort / reaction levels is always valid. Just cause someone on the internet say their child eats X - should you think it is absolute. This is a support board - not a medical board. People are telling their impressions / experiences. It is different.

Sorry so long.

On Jan 27, 2005

Thank you for your post too. I wonder if we should contact Chris and have him remove the old threads for the safety of all. You make some great points and your post is necessary.

Take Care toomanynuts

On Jan 27, 2005

This makes a heck of a lot of sense, thank you for bringing it up. We all have to use our own judgement, practice using it every single day, in relation to what we or our children eat. Peggy

On Jan 28, 2005

Very good advice. Calling and following up is a habit that none of us should never get out of doing!!

On Jan 28, 2005


Good point on all of this. However, I don't know if deleting posts is the answer. It is information regardless of how old it is. It is everyone's responsibility to check themselves with manufacturers and look on the dates of posts. If an older member is reraising a post for a new member, it might be good to point out how old the information is. May I ask you, what cereal did your daughter react to? I am questioning my comfort zone with General Mills and Betty Crocker at the moment, so was just wondering.

On Jan 28, 2005

I think the old posts should stay, and for good reason. Even if the information has changed, I find it very useful to know when 5 people call and get 5 different answers. That tells me the first answer I get from them may not be accurate.

Other answers may show a longtime pattern of the company being allergy conscious or difficult and irresponsible.

On Jan 28, 2005

AWESOME Post Toomanynuts!! Great advice..


On Jan 28, 2005

I find the old posts useful regarding the history of certain manufacturers and their responses to calls. I also like to track some of them and how they have modified their labeling or production, and for how long. I like to give it a couple of years to see if things stay consistent and if people are using and trusting things, *in addition* to my own calls based on my own comfort zone. If I get an answer that makes me feel comfortable, I still like to check here. I also like to know if that was the way it has been for always, of if it all just changed last week.

Am I making sense?

I would hope that everyone would call for themselves and just share the info, and not just assume things are safe based on info from virtual strangers on a website. Most of us are pretty much strangers, no offense to anyone.

I generally will comment on how I came to decide if something is safe(called or not, used it forever before allergies, did not call), so others may regard my safe comments for what they really are.

Good to bring up for new members. becca

On Jan 28, 2005

Hi all!

Momtonickie My dd reacted to Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, and Honey Smacks. The only cereals she eats are Rice Krispies, Crispix, Corn Pops and McCann's oatmeal without ever having a problem. So- these are the only cereals we buy.

On Jan 28, 2005

I agree calling is important but I don't think old threads should be deleted. I can't know all of the products out there and it would take forever to go through and call every single one. Seeing what someone else considers safe is a good jumping off point to seeing if I consider it safe too-by calling the company. There are sooooooooo many countless foods that I never even heard of or never would have noticed in the store if it weren't for this board and all the posts about foods that are safe.

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On Jan 28, 2005

Personally, I appreciate when people post about a company. I appreciate it more if they provide a link or toll-free number so that I can double-check the information myself.

I find that the sharing of information does cut back my personal time on the phone - and provides me with more choices.

If 5 people say XXX is not safe because.... then I don't bother calling that company (and I don't eat their product). On the other hand - there might be a food I have just *written off* as not safe and if 5 people say XXXXX is safe because.... then I will call the company, and hopefully be able to add something else to my somewhat limited diet.

But, I agree. Even though I feel like I know so many people here - I still double check.

On Jan 28, 2005

momma2boys and becca, I definitely agree with you. While old threads *can* be confusing, again, it does show a corporation's pattern of behaviour (if you will).

Anna Marie, the other night I posted about Dimpflemeier (not clear if that's spelled right right now) bread and I SO desperately wanted to have a phone number or website address for YOU because there was no warning re sesame seeds on their fabulous white bread.

But when I made the post, I did make it clear that there was no contact information on the bag (I had to have the bag in front of me to get the spelling correct and to also post the ingredients).

The only thing I find perplexing is that within the last couple of days, under Manufacturers there have been several threads posted saying things are unsafe, but the person has not posted how they confirmed that the things were not safe and that rather troubles me.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jan 28, 2005

Cindy, I have to agree. Not recently, specifically for me, but in the past, many times, something has been declared as "Unsafe." Period.

No report of the call, or a report that a call was made but forgot what was said, etc... It goes both ways for safe or unsafe reports on foods. As much as we do not want to create a false sense of security with risky products, we do not want to create a fear of using products that might be safe for some or many of us.

It is best to note why you consider a product safe or not, and the history of your calls or reactions to help everyone. becca

On Jan 29, 2005

Thank you for the reminder. I know that we no longer trust just the labels. If it states that it is produced in a nut/peanut free factory then yes. Otherwise we call. Ds had a mild reaction to a soup tha the label didn't list anything that could have caused it. So...we now call. Thanks again.

On Feb 3, 2005


Originally posted by toomanynuts: [b]Momtonickie My dd reacted to Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, and Honey Smacks. [/b]

In Canada, Kelloggs Frosted Flakes are labelled as "may contain peanuts".

From what I have read at, there are no Kelloggs USA products that have peanut warnings on the labels.

On Feb 3, 2005

Whatever happened with the Kellogg's U.S. TAKE ACTION we did a few years ago now?

I know that my PA son has eaten Frosted Flakes from America because they were not labeled "may contain" as there are here, in Canada, and also because they came from another PA family whose comfort zone I consider to be as tight as mine.

I very rarely contact manufacturers. I'm not clear if it is a Canadian "thing" or not because I tell you, I think the labeling is GREAT here. Even with no name/store brand products I'm finding over the past five years things have changed dramatically and some of them I'm even finding they're labeling well.

The last time I called was re the Motrin/Tylenol.

I try to e-mail, when need be, because then I can post the response e-mail I get here as well.

But yes, certainly up to each and every family to determine what is safe for their family and why it is. I do not like blanket declarations of safe or unsafe unless the person posting it can tell me why (or show me why - I think I just saw an e-mail somewhere - yes, I did - Bob's Red Mill).

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Apr 16, 2005

Canadian specific. On the JUMBO box (1.02Kg)of Kelloggs Frosted Flakes the warning states "Contains Traces of Soybeans" only.

The smaller box does state 'contains soybeans and peanuts/nuts' ... it may say just nuts .. can't remember other than the fact that it is off limits for us.

Two days ago, my daughter had her first bowl of Frosted Flakes. Yummy! I haven't had it in years!!

On Apr 16, 2005

Codyman, so it's a matter of buying the jumbo box rather than the regular sized box? Do you think that *could* be confusing for your child or not (I know that your daughter is around the same age as my son).

I'm worried about the confusion factor. I don't know. Not in my own home so much I guess. Trying to explain it to others. Yes, he can have this box of Frosted Flakes, but no, he can't have the other.

I'll try to see if I can remember to check tomorrow when I go shopping.

Back to Johnny Depp and the terrific Roman Polanski directed Ninth Gate. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Apr 17, 2005

Cindy: It may seem confusing but my daughter understands how some products are made in one facility or on one line and some are made elsewhere.

What started us looking at Frosted Flakes was the small 'snack' size boxes, the ones where you can pour milk right into the box and eat from the box. My son wanted them because a classmate takes them to school. I told him they couldn't eat some of the cereal. His response was that Daddy could take it work and eat it there. I read the ingredients and was surprised to see that the 'snack' size box of Frosted Flakes only had may contain soybeans. I then checked the other sizes. I called the company right away but it was after 4:30pm and they were closed. So I'll have to wait till Monday to speak to a csr.

I do feel comfortable giving them to my daughter As with other products such as Oreos depending on the size it is either safe or not.

On Apr 17, 2005

Codyman, thank-you for your example of the Oreos. I think we would be fine in our own home as far as what boxes are "safe" and what aren't and the way I feel right now, to heck with trying to explain it to anyone else!

No, Jess would understand, as I'm sure we've run into the whole thing before with Oreos, so I'll just explain it to him.

It was like the other day, both kids wanted to buy a box of Smarties. I had to tell Jesse (and really Ember as well) that there were now pb and peanut Smarties on the market so they had to be careful when choosing the box. They were and they were fine.

So that's what I'll do then. Now, I'm just trying to remember if Em likes Frosted Flakes. Usually if one likes one cereal, the other one doesn't. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Aug 9, 2005


On Aug 9, 2005

I am like you, always having to call for myself. If I call and find an item is safe, I then check on this board to confirm others are safely using it. The combination makes me feel the most comfortable with feeding it to my daughter. I often use previous posts to direct me as to which manufacturers are the best in a food category then call to double check. It's better than not knowing where to start.

Good post, because some people may use this site 100% which is not always current or accurate!

On Aug 9, 2005

Thank you for raising this and reminding us that we all need to take responsibility for this.

As a person new to this, I would also like to make a plea to not remove the old threads. I came at this from absolutely zero experience. The first 10 manufacturers I called all were nut-contaminated and at the end of the day I still had nothing to feed my child that I felt was safe. She was hungry, I was stressed out, I found no help on the Internet or from my child's doctor in dealing with actually feeding the allergic child.

Having absolutely no idea where to start and making cold-calls to any manufacturer I can think of, is a huge waste of time for those needing help right away. It was overwhelming and incredibly stressful.

After 5 days from her anaphylaxis, I finally found a list of manufacturers who were "okay", hallelujiah!! No, I didn't take anyone's word for it, I still called them all and even took a few off the 'okay' list for us, but wow, by the end of that day, I had almost a dozen new foods to add to our list.

So, that's my point of view, as a mom of the newly diagnosed.

On Aug 9, 2005


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