safe national brand chocolate chips????


what can I use fo PA kid? nestle? toll-house?

On Nov 15, 2005

We use hershey and haven't had a problem. I always say you should call the company for yourself too though and check to make sure. Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Nov 15, 2005

Not sure about Toll House, but Nestle chips have a "May contain" warning on them.

On Nov 16, 2005

Ghirardelli has no warnings on their label, and my daughter just ate a bunch of cookies I made using these chips.

On Nov 16, 2005

Nestle semi-sweet and mini semi-sweet do not have warnings in the US, and we use them all the time. All their other types say that they're processed on equipment that also processes peanuts, so don't use Nestle's milk chocolate, butterscotch, chocolate chunks, white chocolate, swirls, or Christmas shapes. Hershey's semi-sweet and milk chocolate don't have warnings in the US, either, but their butterscotch and white chocolate ones do. Basically, read every label every time!

On Nov 16, 2005

on Ghiradelli - it may depend on where you live and the plant that supplies them. I could use Ghir. semi-sw when I live in MA, but I could not in VA or out here in AZ...they have a "made on the same equip. as nuts and peanuts" (yes, both listed). I have to read the package everytime.

In general, I've found Ghiradelli chocolate not to be safe. Even their super large gourmet baking chunks have warnings on them.

I usually use Nestle (same as Tollhouse here in the US) semi-sweet chips. If I need milk chocolate I go with Hershey's. For baking squares I use Bakers.


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On Nov 16, 2005

We use Hershey's, Kroger and Wal-Mart.

On Nov 16, 2005

I'm not sure if this is a national brand, but the Guittard chips are safe I think.

On Nov 17, 2005

Yes, Guittard is safe, too, even the butterscotch.

On Nov 17, 2005

I have spoken with the Hershey representatives and have been assured that their chocolate chips are peanut/nut safe. Their regular and large size chocolate bars are also safe. I think that the miniatures, however, are not because they are produced with other miniatures such as Mr. Goodbar, etc.

On Nov 17, 2005

I use Hershey chocolate chips [img][/img]

On Nov 18, 2005


Originally posted by vlcarnes: [b] Their regular and large size chocolate bars are also safe. [/b]

The larger size hershey bars have a may contain statement where we live. I'm in the US. We only buy the 1.55 oz bars.

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On Nov 23, 2005

Hershey's chocolate chips.

On Nov 24, 2005

Hershey's Canada?

On Nov 29, 2005

These two companies make peanut and tree-nut free chocolate chips and other products. Sorry I don't have the links handy. You'll find them on the web.

Vermont Nut Free Company

Enjoy Life Foods