safe maple syrup (free of peanut *and* soy)

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(I posted this elsewhere, but figured that more people would see it here.)

Short form of this story: Shady Maple Organics syrup should be safe for the peanut and soy allergic. I emailed them and they tell me that they use safflower oil "to control foaming during the evaporation process." [url=""][/url]

It would probably be a good idea to check with them periodically, but I think safflower oil is considered to be particularly healthy so I'm guessing that's why they use it.(some folks object to canola. and soy is likely to be genetically modified)

Maple syrup generally makes my throat sting ever so slightly. I usually buy President's Choice maple syrup (because it is cheaper) but one day I happened to pick up Shady Grove organic maple syrup. It does not make my throat sting! (I'm wondering if President's Choice uses soy.) I contacted them...they say they don't add anything to their maple syrup, but I know that all maple syrup contains some sort of defoaming agent so I don't believe them.

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On Jul 16, 2006

Its interesting your post. I was intrigued by the title. I have never heard of adding anything to maple syrup! I am from the East Coast of Canada orginally and know many commerical sugar bush operators (we made our own on a smaller scale) and they didn't use an oil to control foam. I am going home again in two weeks, I am going to ask. If they don't use anything I'll post the brand name.

Boy, you can never be too careful!

Thanks for posting.

Lorraine Belle's Mum PN/TN

On Jul 16, 2006

Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for the note. I'd be interested in hearing about whether the maple syrup producers you know use a defoamer.

It's amazing what all goes into our food--I learned from another allergy message board that vitamin A that is added to milk and things also contains corn oil. Another person who is allergic to palm has to avoid vitamin A because of palmitate which apparently is from palm.

In my view, absolutely everything should be clearly spelled out on the list of ingredients!