safe hot cocoa or hot chocolate?


Does anyone know the brand-name of a safe hot cocoa or chocolate? My pa daughter's nursery school class is having a "hot cocoa and slippers day" in two weeks and I would like to be able to have her participate. Thank you.

On Jan 7, 2002

I wish I could suggest some in the box, but I've been using Hershey's cocoa and use the recipe on the side of the container. Are you going to make your own and bring it in a thermos if you can't find a brand to use?

On Jan 8, 2002

Whole Foods has a Whole Kids brand of hot chocolate that is safe. Here is the link to that information - I hope it works.


On Jan 9, 2002

We use ovaltine.

On Jan 10, 2002

We use the Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate flavor with no problems. Put some Marshmallow fluff on top--Yum!

On Jan 10, 2002

Just don't forget that Swiss Miss is made by ConAgra who will run products on a shared line but not list it on the label.

On Jan 13, 2002

Thank you all for your responses to my question concerning a safe hot chocolate. My daughter's class will be using Hershey's and knowing that it has been ok for other pa's has put my mind at ease...a little. (Do we ever reach a point where we'll feel truly at ease?) Also, I like the Whole Foods brand, and am pleased to know that their hot chocolate is processed on a peanut free line. Thank you for the pointer to their website. Thanks, again, for ALL responses. Isn't this resource great?

On Jan 19, 2002

My very sensitive PA son drinks one cup of Nestle/Carnation instant hot chocolate almost every day. We've never had a reaction. Kristi