Safe Gummi Worms?


Hello, I am new here. I have an almost 5 year old son who is PA/TNA. I have known this since he was 1 year old. He is in preschool and I am looking for a safe gummi worm for a snack they are making for halloween. Does anyone know of a safe brand of gummi worm that I can safely use?

Thanks! Bonnie

On Oct 15, 2003

Last year I contacted Trolli. They repiled thay make nothing with peanuts in a very brief statement(it was a German compnay and I felt like it was translated to be simple). They have alot of gummy stuff. It was in the spring, actually, as they did a dirt and bugs thing with crushed up oreos too. becca

On Oct 15, 2003

Where are you? I am in Massachusetts and found these at Roche Bros. becca

On Oct 15, 2003

Thanks Becca,

I am in Ohio and have seen Trolli products. Are they at wal mart? That is what we are using them for, dirt and bugs! Did you use them and they were safe?

Thanks, Bonnie

On Oct 15, 2003

My dd has nursed a bag of them for months, since she only gets one or two at a time! She loves them. She has been fine with them.

I make it a policy to get an extra of something to try at home first, so that was why we have them. We got the sour ones but they make regualr ones(which went to school). I find the sour stuff horrible but kids love them. Ick! I do not go to Walmart, so I do not know that one. It is too far from me. Good luck. Becca