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Hi all.. Hope I am not being repetitive, but as summer draws near I would like to know which graham cracker you use. From what I have read Keebler seems to be a favorite

On Jun 6, 2008

I was wondering the safe thing.

On Jun 6, 2008

I just looked at the website, and Keebler labels for may contains when on shared equipment. I didn't look at the grahams, but if others here use them, I would probably think they were okay.

We have always used store brands, (Hy-vee and Market Pantry-Target) without problems, but I haven't called the manufacturers to verify.

On Jun 10, 2008

I emailed HyVee about their store brand foods, and they don't have a policy on the optional labeling for cross contamination. Some of their suppliers do, some don't label for may contains or facility/equipment sharing. The contact was willing to get more information on specific products if I wanted.

We will likely return to name brand grahms, even though we have been okay up to this point. I would rather support a company with better labeling practices. Of course I mentioned that to my contact as well.

I haven't had a chance to check on Market Pantry yet.

On Jun 11, 2008

I'm pretty sure we use Honey Maid (Nabisco) but DS is not big on graham crackers.

On Jun 15, 2008

Always Keebler!