Safe Frozen Waffles & Pancakes?

Posted on: Sun, 04/13/2003 - 12:39am
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Can anyone recommend any safe frozen waffles and pancakes? We make homemade ones on the weekends, but need quick fixes during the week. Thanks.

Posted on: Sun, 04/13/2003 - 2:13am
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We've not had a problem with Aunt Jemima, although I've not called. We also began using Pillsbury when the General Mills labeling appeared. No problem, either, but I didn't call--General Mills' labeling is within my comfort zone.

Posted on: Sun, 04/13/2003 - 2:16am
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There was a post here awhile back about Aunt Jemima french toast sticks being safe(not sure about their other products). I found them very greasy and did not like the texture, and it seems dd did not like them either.
I am also answering because we make our own of both(have egg allergy as well) and find pancakes and waffles freeze very well. I just pop them in the toaster oven for a single toast cylce and sort of forget about it for a few minutes, so they sit in the heat a bit extra. The freshen right up and are very good. Thick waffles might need two cycles, again with a bit of extra time after the first cycle, then they crisp right up on the second cycle. If you are already doing them on weekends, maybe you can just do an extra batch for the freezer?
I also add extras to my batter, like oats, apple sauce, pumpkin, or wheat germ. I also add extra oil(olive or canola) sometimes(if just for dd, since I don't need the fat) to give my skinny dd extra healthy fats, as opposed to the hydrogenated stuff in processed foods. Just some ideas. becca
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Posted on: Sun, 04/13/2003 - 5:53am
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Van's are safe and organic.

Posted on: Sun, 04/13/2003 - 11:21pm
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I called "Aunt Jemima" last week, the name brand was sold to Aurora Foods a few years ago. The woman on the phone told me that the frozen mini-pancakes and french toast sticks were made in a nut-free plant.
The waffles, however, are made in a different plant. This particular plant has the breakfast goods made in one room and "Thai Bowls" (some flavors contain peanuts) made in a different room. She was quite specific that I know that they are in the same plant!
We use Van's frozem min-waffles. My DD is 13 months old and likes the minis.

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 12:14am
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We use Van's, too.

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 5:56am
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Alex lives on Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffles
mom to 3-year-old with PA

Posted on: Mon, 04/14/2003 - 12:41pm
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Eggo waffles, Aunt Jemima French Toast sticks and mini panckaes. My kids love the Eggo "waffuls" with the fruit filling inside.

Posted on: Tue, 04/15/2003 - 9:55am
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Eggo waffles here too! My dd loves the chocolate chip and the cinnamon toast kinds.

Posted on: Tue, 04/15/2003 - 11:07am
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In Canada, if you want to try fresh waffles, the Dempsters fresh waffles are made in a nut-free facility (regular, Belgian, blueberry and cinnamon).

Posted on: Wed, 04/16/2003 - 1:10am
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I just make a triple batch while I'm at it, and freeze them myself. Then I pop them in the toaster just like I would an Eggo. The kids & DH love'em.
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