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my kindergarten's teacher sent home a note stating that a child in my son's class has a severe allergy to peanut and peanut products, nuts and cocunut products, including coconut oils. I have asked the teacher to ask the mom to provide safe list of snacks, because I know some products "may come in contact with peanuts" and that many foods contain coconut oils. Does anyone out there have a list of safe snacks (other than fruit) that we can circulate among the class? I would hate to inadvertantly cause this little kid the trama of an allergic reaction. I also want some advice on what needs to be done if my child eats a pbj before school. Is hand and face washing a necessity? Any information you can provide would really be appreciated. I am also concerned becuase the cafeteria optionally serves snacks to kindergarteners, and about half had something to do with peanuts. How can the school manage that without excluding the other child? I would like my son to show solidiarity with this allergic child and always bring a snack that is safe. I did find a list of candy bars...not that a kindergartener should be bringing them to school for snack, but what about cookies and salty snacks.

Again, I appreciate anything you all may know, or any resource you can direct me to.

Thanks! Linda

On Aug 31, 2004

First let me commend you on your attitude and willingness to help this child!!! It is refreshing to read about a non-pa parent that is thinking of our kids. If you do a search under the school section with the key words safe snacks you will get quite a few lists, I will try to raise some for you to look at.

On Aug 31, 2004

I forgot to add before, it would probably be a good idea to get more details from the school and/or the parent of the PA child as everyone has different "comfort zones" with foods they allow their child to eat. So maybe they can provide you with a list they feel comfortable with as well. Also manufactors often change ingredients so its important to be aware and check labels. Best wishes!

On Aug 31, 2004

Welcome and thanks for caring about the allergic child.

It is hard (maybe impossible) to give a "safe" list since things (ingredients and factories)change often - so something that was safe has a change and is now not safe. Reading the labels everytime is the best source of information.

You can search on the boards and find snack suggestion lists - but things like fruit, veggies and dip, yougurt (like go-gurts), pretzels, and fruit leather usally have a lot of choices. But since you are new here, understand that this info is from a number of places and something that is safe in Canada is not safe in the US, or even US west coast to east coast.

Coconut oil is found a lot in the gummy candies (keeps them from sticking together) and drinks like Fruitopia.

Home made things are not as safe as it is difficult to be sure all of the ingredients have really been considered. Many school these days are not allowing them at all, not due to allergies alone, but generally cleanliness standards.

Hope this starts to give you some guidelines. Have a great school year.