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At the beginning: sorry for my bad english, I'm Austrian...

As I have a son with PA and TNA I am permanently searching for nutfree things, at the moment especially sweets. And all companies I'm asking tell me that they have no safe sweets for my child, even Nestl

On Dec 11, 2001

I let my kids have plain Hershey bars and Hershey's chocolate kisses. They also make a candy bar with oreo cookie in it - but I cannot remember the name of it. That is about all the chocolate I am currently allowing my PA girls to have. If there is any reason why I shouldn't allow these, someone please post the information. From my limited understanding, Hershey makes products that do contain peanuts (and treenuts as well) and those that do not but they are manufactured in different plants (or is it on different machinery??). Anyhow, Hershey's plain chocolate bars, plain kisses and the white bar with crushed oreo in it have been safe so far at our house. It was really sad on girls used to be allowed to eat candy that I now consider unsafe (like kitkat, crunch, plain m & m,s, etc.) and this year they had almost nothing in their candy bags that they could keep. We gave away or threw away 90% of their candy. They were cerainly down about that. I see it...they don't need candy ALL the time like they used to eat it anyway and the Hershey items I mentioned make a very nice occasional treat that they do appreciate. Hope this helps. Joey

On Dec 11, 2001

ps.. regarding the previous post...I live in the United States in the state of Missouri which may make a difference. I suppose our areas could produce the same products in very different ways so check with Hershey in your area before you take my advice. Maybe someone else from your area will post here and know if certain Hershey products are "safe" for your kid(s) there. Joey

On Dec 13, 2001

We have gone through the same disappointments. A couple years ago I went to Wal-mart without my children and stood in the candy isle for over an hour and read EVERY single food label because I was tired of mine never having any variety, or not being able to take treats to school that any of the other kids thought were "good". All of these labels appear to be peanut free. We have eaten safetly many times:

WHOPPERS(brand name only) they come in a large container like a quart of milk. Wal-mart carries them. We also eat SIXLETS (kind of like M & M's only round) they are sold in small sleeves. Sometimes they are easier to find at Halloween and Easter in the large bag with individual packets in it. I stock up when I find them. You usually can find them in long single sleeves at the grocery store candy isle or at a gas station. MILK DUDS (many times they are in a larger container too), CARMELLOS, ROLO's and now......KITKAT BITES. A pa dad told me about those. My daughters favorite candy bar used to be KITKATs. She is thrilled. I called Hershey and the BITES are processed on a totally seperate line! [img][/img]

We have gone through the same disappointment at Halloween. Mine are 8 years old. This year, I bought a bunch of safe candy. They dressed up, stayed home and gave out candy...and ate all they wanted. They really enjoyed it. We used to just go to family and friends homes where they had safe candy for us. The kids enjoyed this year too though. Good Luck.

To the lady in Austria-best wishes, I have no idea if you are able to get these brands of candy that we have in the USA.

Also, the white Hershey bar someone referred to is a COOKIES n CREAM bar. My kids like that too. (Dont think we are junk food junkies. I just try to have variety for treats.)

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On Dec 13, 2001

I wonder if you could get a bulk shipment of a large amount of some of these treats via the manufactor or the Wal Mart web site? It would be worth asking and probably not cheap, but maybe their are other PA folks who would go in it with you? Or maybe they have European locations (not in Austria maybe but England or somewhere) that they could be shipped from?

Just a thought.

On Dec 13, 2001

twins'mom: can you please tell me what companies manufacture the safe candies that you mentioned:Whoppers, Milk Duds,Rolos, Carmellos,and Sixlets. If you have any contact info for these companies, it would be appreciated so that I can also give them a call, thanks!! I am always searching for safe treats!

On Dec 13, 2001

sf-The only types I have here right now are sixlets and whoppers-both are Hershey products. It seems like most of them are Hershey. I was on another thread about candy in October. You might check under the old posts. It seems like I was able to tell someone else about who all of the manufacturers are back then.

On Dec 13, 2001

I contacted Nestle Canada and they told me the Kit Kat Chunky made in England by Nestle UK is safe, as it is made in a nut-free environment. If there is ever a chance of nut contamination, both Nestle UK and Nestle Canada will put a warning label on the package.

As for Nestle Austria, I have no idea what they do. It sounds like nothing is safe from them. The lady from Nestle Austria is wrong when she says no company will guarantee their product is safe. Nestle Canada ([url][/url]) has 5 safe chocolate bars (Smarties, Aero, Kit Kat, Mirage, Coffee Crisp) and many other companies such as Vermont Nut Free chocolates, Chapman's ice cream, etc have nut free products.

Too bad Nestle Austria says none of their products are safe.. you'll have to stick to Nestle UK products such as Kit Kat Chunky .

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On Dec 14, 2001

Hey...I forgot about sixlets and kids will be so excited. Somehow I had forgotten that I did allow those in the past. I guess we don't see them often (like in convenience store/gas station type places) but I will definitely stock up on some. Sixlets are close enough to m & m's (except more round) that my kids will be happy. I'll try the other two or three that were mentioned to. Some variety will make my girls so happy! Joey