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Posted on: Wed, 01/12/2000 - 4:55am
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Do any of you have a dairy allergy to deal with as well as the peanut allergy. That is why I have been giving my son ritz crackers because they are dairy free...however, i guess i need to reconsider. Does anyone know of a safe peanut free/dairy free cracker?

Posted on: Wed, 01/12/2000 - 7:25am
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It's not great plain, but I believe that Matzos is fairly safe. I've eaten it often with no problems. Maybe you could put some things on it to make it more interesting for the kids....like meats or something else that was safe?

Posted on: Wed, 01/12/2000 - 10:39pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

My best friend's daughter (20 months old) has a peanut and severe dairy allergy. I called her last night after seeing your post to see what kind of crackers she gives to her. Her daughter eats Nabisco Plain Saltines; Nabisco Oyster Crackers and Honey Maid Graham Crackers.
Hope this helps in your decision.
Stay Safe.
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Posted on: Fri, 01/14/2000 - 2:57am
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I have been giving my daughter Ritz for about 5 years. As far as I know the Ritz Bitz are not processed at the same time and do not share the same packaging area as there is a considerable size difference. I don't remember who I talked to last year, but I feel safe with the full sized ritz.

Posted on: Fri, 01/14/2000 - 5:48am
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My son is 21/2, and loves Pepperidge Farm goldfish, Cheezits, and various pretzels. I haven't had any problems with any of these. Be careful of the chocolate covered pretzels, though, some have peanut warnings and I don't give him any of those.

Posted on: Fri, 01/14/2000 - 7:35am
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Gerber recently came out with 2 new snack products: Fruit & Ceral bars (strawberry banana and apple cinnamon) and Cereal Snackin' Squares. From my discussions with them, Gerber products are peanut/nut free.
Enfamil by Mead Johnson also has a new line of food called EnfaGrow. Their products are: Cheese Cracker Bites, Cookie Bars, Milk flavors and Oatmeal. I called them this week (1-800-baby123 or [url="http://www.enfagrow.com)"]www.enfagrow.com)[/url] and talked to a product specialist. She said the cracker bites, milk flavors and cookie bars are made in pnt/nut free facilities (although they are not Mead Johnson's facilities). She does NOT recommend people with pnt/nut allergies eat the oatmeal because they have not been able to confirm its made in a nut-free facility. Also, some of their oatmeal use to contain pecan extract when it was first made, the new batches do not, but again she could not confirm yet that the facility is pnt/nut-free.

Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2000 - 7:03am
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My son has a severe PA and he loves the Pepperidge Farm gold fish crackers and pretzels. We have not had any problem with these snacks. He also loves the fruit rollups for a special treat.

Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2000 - 8:50am
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My 10 month old son loves the plain, salt free Quaker rice cakes (he gets excited when he even sees the bag!). They do NOT have a peanut/nut warning (like the flavored ones do). I just break them up into managable pieces. We take them everywhere.

Posted on: Fri, 07/21/2000 - 5:21am
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There is a company in York, Pennsylvania called Stauffer's that make animal crackers and other cookies. When I called last year to inquire about "natural flavoirng" they told me they were NUT FREE. But since Alex ia also egg allergic they recommended I steer clear! If your okay with eggs, give them a call. They sell cookies those HUGE containers at places like SAMS CLUB, BJ's Wholesale and Costco!

Posted on: Wed, 10/11/2000 - 4:26am
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dit, unfortunately Stauffer's IS NOT nut free! I allowed my son to eat an animal cracker made by them yesterday (based on the previous post and the ingredient list) and luckily nothing happened.
I called the company this morning and found out that they run MANY peanut products on shared equipment and they said to definitely NOT eat ANY of their products. Peanut products are often run before non-peanut. So Stauffer's is off the list! My list is pretty short, and getting shorter!



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