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I discovered a safe bakery product at the store (Food Basics) today and wanted to let other Canadians know about it. It is a package of 6 fresh cinnamon rolls (like the type sold at Cinnabon type stores, but smaller) labelled Baker Boys Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls.

There was no peanut/nut warning on the packaging, but to be certain, I checked the web site and emailed for info. Here is the reply I received (very promptly):

Dear Mrs. XXXX, Thank you for your inquiry. All of our products are peanut and nut free and we do not carry any peanuts or nuts within our plant. Thank you once again for your interest. Please feel free to call if you have any further questions or concerns. Regards, Ray Denyer Director of Sales, Retail Division Baker Boys/Division of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited [email][/email] [url=""][/url] 403-255-4556 EXT:24

The company is related to a western Canadian chain called Cinnzeo you may find at malls. I emailed Ray again to ask about the safety of Cinnzeo products. Unfortunately they are not safe for people with tree-nut allergies. Ray wrote back: "As to our Cinnzeo stores we do offer a product that is made at store level, that has pecans on the product so there would be the possibility of cross contamination with our rolls."

We'll be trying these after dinner tonight. They LOOK good!


PS Dinner now over -- they were enjoyed by all after warming slightly in toaster oven

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