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Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2007 - 5:25am
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YAY [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Thanks ladies... It's so much more comforting to know that some of you USE the product... even when I call a manufacturer and they tell me it's safe.

Posted on: Thu, 04/19/2007 - 11:45am
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U-bet and Shaw's chocolate syrup were safe last year and might still be. I haven't checked or used either in a while.

Posted on: Tue, 04/24/2007 - 12:51am
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Hi there,
We use Hersheys syrup and have never had issues with it.
I do on occasion make my own, with this recipe from Food Network. (it is dangerous in a drink it all too quick kind of way!)
1 1/2 cups of water
3 cups of sugar
1 1/2 cups cocoa powder ( I use Hersheys for this)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
In a small pot, bring water and sugar to a boil. Whisk in cocoa, vanilla, salt and corn syrup. Whisk until all of the solids have been dissolved. Reduce sauce until slightly thickened. Strain and cool to room temp. Pour into squeeze bottles.
Makes 5 cups
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Posted on: Tue, 04/24/2007 - 11:07am
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I've used Hershey's and Ah-Laska! in the past, but occasionally make my own too. I use a similar recipe as posted above, but without the corn syrup.
Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg)
Joey (7 NKA)
Allison (4 milk allergic, suspect shellfish, avoiding PN/TN for now)
Ryan (1) nka *knock on wood*

Posted on: Wed, 04/25/2007 - 5:35am
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JeannieLino - How long does that syrup last? It says put into squeeze bottle... do you then keep it refridgerated? I'd love to make my own! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

Posted on: Wed, 04/25/2007 - 6:50am
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TMG~ I usually refridgerate it once it has cooled completely. And I also don't strain it, never really needed to. As far as how long it lasts, I am a chocolate milk junkie, and that syrup is like liquid crack! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] I think it would last a couple of weeks ( I think it has lasted at least a week in my house.)
It is oh so yummy and great on ice cream, too


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