Safe Chocolate - Really


I contacted Sharffen-Berger, a company in the Bay Area, California that makes gourmet baking chocolate. They said have no nuts or oils in their factory. YEAH!! Great chocolate too. They available at various supermarkets.

On Jul 27, 2001

Yes, Scharffen Berger make excellent chocolate (their dark is very intense) by hand. They are a quality small business and I love to support them. You can order online from [url=""][/url]

------------------ Rosemary N.

On Jul 27, 2001

Just be careful with their small, molded chocolate bars. They are sent to a different facility for packing that may include peanuts. I got an okay on the rest of the products.

There is mention of this in another thread. Do a search on Scharffen-Berger to bring it up. You can call the contact listed in that thread for more info.

On Sep 6, 2001

Just thought I'd paste in the response I got from Brian Bageant, a Customer Service Manager at Scharffen Berger. It merely supports what someone has already noted above, but it's "straight from the horse's mouth."

"The only product of ours I would avoid is any of our one ounce bars. While none contain nuts, they are molded in a facility that uses nuts. While the risk of cross-contamination is remote, it would probably be best to avoid them. Everything else is fine. Thank you for taking the time to write and please let me know if I may assist further."

(My question)

I'm looking for sources of baking chocolate which are safe for my young son, who is allergic to even trace amounts of peanuts and to all tree nuts (pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) I have seen your chocolates, in both packaged and "bulk" form, at my local Whole Foods store here in Denver. Are your products manufactured on equipment which is also used for items which contain peanuts or nuts, or are they processed on dedicated peanut-free and nut-free equipment? I very much appreciate your response!

On Oct 6, 2001

I use the Melt'n Mold chocolate from Guittard to make special treats for my pa 3yr old. Guittard also makes baking chips. I have spoken with several people from the company and all said that they use no peanut products in their chocolate.

Check out their website: