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Safe Chocolate Chips?

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Hello. I am the mother of a 3 year old girl who has been diagnosed with severe peanut and all tree nut allergy. She has started preschool this year, and I am completely freaking out! But that is another post. I have made cookies in the past using Ghiradelli chocolate chips, and she has been able to eat them with no problems even though the package reads "made in a facility that uses peanuts and tree nuts." This last batch, she had a reaction. My question is, does anyone know of any chocolate chips that are not manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts? I have looked at every grocery store from Albertsons to Trader Joes and haven't been able to find one. I live in Southern California, but am not opposed to ordering on line. Please help if you can. Thank you.

On Sep 17, 2008

That is one of my missions -- to find safe and good chocolate chips. I love the ghiradelli chips and loaded up on them before they were made in a shared facility. They used to be safe but at the beginning of the year they made a facility change. You may have been using the older stock before the shared facility issue. "Enjoy Life" makes a safe chocolate chip. My chain grocery store carries them and they can be ordered online. I just checked amd they sell a 10 oz bag for 3.49. I have never tried these but others on this board use them. I have also heard that Hershey makes a safe chocolate chip but I am not sure of this. We have to avoid dairy also so that makes finding chocolate chips challenging. Luckily I won't have to look for awhile as I stocked up on the safe Ghiradelli ones (19 bags) :-) I was soooo disappointed with the facility change issue. When I run out of the Ghriadelli chips I will probably switch to the Enjoy Life ones.

On Sep 17, 2008

Thank you so much! I too have to avoid dairy for my husband. I can't believe how hard it is to find safe foods for the peanut allergy. I will check out Enjoy Life. Thanks again.

On Sep 17, 2008

Definitely checkout Their prices and shipping are reasonable. I bought Sunbutter from them cheaper that I could get it at my local grocer (including shipping). They have tons of snacks. Snacks are my challenge. My ds with PA just started preschool for the first time also. The building is nut free but I still pack his own snack and drink (the rest of the kids have community snack). He has other food allergies other than PA so this was the easiest way to deal with it especially since I have spent a lot of time teaching him not to accept any food from ANYONE (including relatives) except me or my husband. We keep a safe treat box at school for when special treats are brought in for the class. He then gets to pick out of his box whatever he wants. I feel better this way and he seems to do well with this also.

On Sep 17, 2008

Our preschool unfortunately is not nut free. I have talked with the teacher and director about her allergy and told them that I would pack extra snacks in her lunch that they could give her if there were snacks that were questionable. We also gave them the training DVD and demonstrator for her Epipen. They had never had to use one before and had never received any kind of training. I find that amazing.

I checked out and am so excited. Her birthday was this past Monday and we are having her party on Saturday. I don't trust any pre-made cakes or desserts so I make all of my own. It's nice to have a website that I can go to and trust that the products will be ok for her to eat.

Thanks so much!!!

On Sep 17, 2008

My family uses the hersheys semi sweet chocolate chips. 2 of our local stores carry them, so atleast around here they are fairly easy to find.

On Sep 17, 2008

I also have used choc chips from Vermont nut free chocolates. I also use Nestle semi sweet.. but check the label. I have been told that some choc chips are in a deicated facility and some are not. but I do trust the labeling.... I haven't talk to them in a while.. maybe time to call them back..'

On Sep 17, 2008

Yes, always check the lable. On everything, you never know when they could be changed.

On Sep 18, 2008

Check out [url=""][/url]

I have used their chocolate chips (no peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, etc.) for years. This company used to be called Gak's Snacks.

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On Sep 18, 2008

We use Hershey and we just check the label. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates has chocolate chips that are definetly safe.

By pixystix on Aug 27, 2009

Did you find that the ones at Trader Joe's weren't safe? I just used some the other day because my bf has been begging for chocolate chip cookies for months. I called and was told that they label for every type of cross contamination. Please let me know because I'm worried now, as those have been the only kind of safe ones I've been able to find.

By Bobbi on Aug 28, 2009

We use Hershey's and Kroger brand when I can't get the Hershey's, though they aren't as good in my opinion. I've never seen safe Nestle but it could be that they don't ship the safe ones to my area (southeastern Michigan). I think a friend of mine who has a MA son uses Kroger brand but I'm not 100% certain about that.

By elissag on Sep 18, 2009

I also went to Trader Joe's specifically for the chocolate chips-are they a problem now? They did change the packaging this summer...

By diannek on Sep 19, 2009

I have never seen safe Nestles but I used Hersheys semi sweet last christmas. Vermont Nut free is also a great choice and no worries about whether they are safe.


By dinosaurs1 on Sep 23, 2009

Hi I am also new to this website so I am checking up on all blogs. We use Hershey's chocolate and semi sweet chips for my PA child. We also buy from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates and buy their Skippers!!!!!! They are basically safe M&M's.

By kmdeppa on Dec 29, 2009

We have found the Hershey's semi sweet chips are ok. Our son with PA hasn't had a problem with them. The cake issue from the bakery's you were talking about I am glad we don't have that problem. The grocery store that my husband works at allowed us to read the label on the cakes that they get (they come already made), and they make sure that any cake we order is made first and that it is made in a freshly cleaned area before they even take any nuts out to start making any other of the bakery goods. They note that the cake can't be near nuts right on our order form.

By beachbabexoxo on Feb 24, 2010

vermont nut free is definately your best bet with chocolate chips. theyre really good and all of their other chocolates are too, especially the skippers (like m&ms). and theyre all nut free so no worries.

By jenniferbfab on Feb 26, 2010

Don't forget Enjoy Life Foods! They make chocolate chips which are nut free and gluten free. I can find them in some nearby supermarkets, and that's SO nice because I don't have to special order them in advance!

Jennifer B

By seti on Aug 29, 2010

The Guittard chocolate chips are really good, and both the semi-sweet and milk chocolate are made in a dedicated facility. Safeway stores (Ralph's, Von's etc) sell them, as does See's Candies. You can also buy them online.

By zeena2 on Sep 25, 2010

We use the plain Hershey chocolate chips and haven't had any problems. Also, Divvies sells chocolate chips that are just wonderful!

By DawnM on May 26, 2011

I work for Frys Food in Az. Ralphs in So California carries Kroger or their store brand chocolate chips. My 5 year old grandson has a peanut and tree nut allergy and we make cookies on a regular basis with these and never a reaction at all.